Whether you’re squeezing in one last summer getaway or you’re preparing for a fall vacation, you’ll want to be sure you have the latest in the way of travel gadgets and accessories. Check out our latest batch of travel FINDS that will make traveling a little easier and a lot more fun.


CitySafe CX Anti-Theft Convertible Backpack

Smart traveling is essential but not always convenient or fashionable. You want your items to be safe, but you want to look stylish, too! CitySafe’s Convertible Backpack can be worn as a cross body bag or a regular backpack with the added benefit of discrete security details. The bag has turn and lock security hooks that attach to your clothing to avoid bag theft, secure zipper locks to deter pickpockets, and even stainless steal wire mesh to build in to areas of the bag targeted by bag slashers — a travel safety super-FIND! Find it for $99.95 from Pacsafe.

CitySafe CX Anti-Theft Convertible Backpack, $99.95, from Pacsafe

Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale

Arriving at the airport after vacation, your suitcase without a doubt could be heavier than before, filled with souvenirs and all. Although crossing your fingers at the check-in counter in hopes that your bag comes in under weight sometimes works, the Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale guarantees there will be no surprises — and therefore no extra fees! Find it for $13.99 at Etekcity.

Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale, $13.99, at Etekcity

TrakDot Luggage Tracker

Lost luggage is a real drag. Rather than wait for the airline to find it, TrakDot Luggage Tracker can guarantee the location of your bag within minutes of realizing it’s gone. Once you set up the TrakDot app, the device uses a GSM chip to locate your bag using cell towers to send text and email updates to your mobile device with the location of your bag upon arrival. Ahhhh, technology! Order Trakdot for $24.09.

TrakDot Luggage Tracker, $24.09, at Trakdot

The Laundress Crease Release Spray

When you’re traveling, ironing isn’t always an option. Although a steamer might be your go-to, it can also be time-consuming and take up valuable luggage space. The Laundress’ Crease Release Spray releases moderate wrinkles from clothing with just a quick spritz. Find it for $8 from The Laundress.

Crease Release Spray, $8, from The Laundress


R+Co Travel Blowout Set

Skip the hotel shampoos and conditioners, and do right by your locks. R+Co’s Blowout Set brings dry, sun damaged, color-treated and heat-damaged hair back to life. This set includes their Atlantis Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner with a finishing Park Ave Blow Out Balm. Find it for $40 here.

R+Co Travel Blowout Set, $40, here.

Moon Dust Travel Sampler

When jet lag is dragging you down, try Moon Juice’s Moon Dust sampler, which features custom blends of adaptogenic superherbs and supermushrooms, which help combat the impact of jet lag and the stress it has on the body. The colorful travel-sized pouches include a “Power Dust” powder, with a boost of energy, and a “Dream Dust” powder, with relaxation qualities, which mitigate the symptoms of jet lag. Find the sampler for $35 at Moon Juice.


Moon Dust Travel Sampler, $35, at moonjuice.com

Aesop Rinse-Free Hand Wash

Hand sanitizers have seen their days with their potent alcohol smell and skin-drying qualities. Keep your hands hydrated while effectively cleaning them with Aesop’s Rinse-Free Hand Wash. This travel-sized hand wash works perfectly when fresh water isn’t around. Find it for $10 at Aesop.

Aesop Rinse-Free Hand Wash, $10, at Aesop

Pinch Provisions’ Self-Care Package 

When on vacation, treat yourself with Pinch Provisions’ Self-Care Package. This fun, travel-sized package comes with all things rest, relaxation and hydration, including a face mask, lavender oil, an eye mask, a mini water infuser, ear plugs, eye gel packs, a habit tracker and an enamel pin. Find it for $26 from Pinch Provisions.

Self-Care Package, $26, from Pinch Provisions

Neogen Real Fresh Green Tea Cleansing Stick 

Skip the dried out makeup wipes, and grab the Neogen Green Tea Cleansing Stick, which gets rid of impurities and makeup while scrubbing off all the trapped dead skin cells after a long day of travel. This travel-sized cleansing stick contains natural ingredients with bits of real green tea leaves allowing the skin to be softly exfoliated on the go. Easy to pack and kind to your skin, this cleansing stick is $22 and can be found at neogenlab.us 

Green Tea Cleansing Stick, $22, at neonlab.us


Quip Electric Toothbrush 

When packing for vacation, finding a place for your toothbrush that also ensures it stays clean can be a bit tricky – especially those large electric toothbrushes and chargers. Quip electric toothbrushes travel hygienically and compactly with their slim design, handy holder and cover. This starter set includes a regular-sized toothpaste, a travel-sized toothpaste, an extra brush head and a protective cover all for $55 from Quip.

Electric Toothbrush Set, $55, at Quip


Lexon Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Liven up your travel experience with some tunes! Instead of playing music through your tiny phone speaker or trying to shove your at-home Bluetooth speaker into your already full luggage, Lexon Mini Bluetooth Speaker makes it easy to bring music along with you wherever you go. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, this Bluetooth speaker runs $30 from Lexon.

Mini Bluetooth speaker, $30, from Lexon

Hootoo Wireless Pocket Travel Router

Wi-Fi is a necessity nowadays, and we want it wherever we go. Hootoo’s Wireless Pocket Travel Router offers exactly that. With its endless Wi-Fi and streaming capabilities available right in your back pocket, this travel-sized router is the perfect way to conveniently use the internet whenever, wherever. Hootoo has them online for $19.99.

Wireless router, $19.99, from Hootoo

Flight 001 Travel Blanket 

Sure you can request a recycled airline blanket, but it’s not the same as having your own. Flight 001’s Travel Blanket comes in a small zip pouch that doubles as a pillowcase when the blanket isn’t in use. To ensure your comfort whether traveling in the air or on the ground, this polyester travel-sized blanket is priced at $30 and can be found at Flight 001.

Travel blanket, $30, at Flight 001

The Carry-On Cocktail Kit

Skip the airline cocktails, and whip up your favorite mixed drink with all the contents in The Carry On Cocktail Kit. These cocktail kits are available for classics like a Moscow mule, Old Fashioned, Bloody Mary, gin and tonic, margarita and multiple others. Start your vacation from the moment you board the plane with these kits. Find them for $24 from W&P.

The Carry On Cocktail Kit, $24, from W&P

Huzi Infinity Pillow 

Trying to sleep comfortably on a plane is close to impossible … unless you have the Huzi Infinity Pillow. Use it as a neck pillow, window pillow, noise canceling pillow, eye mask, lumbar pillow or a desk pillow. It won’t matter to you if you get stuck in the middle seat because you’ll be comfortable wherever you are. For $39, you can snag it from Infinity Pillow.

Huzi Infinity Pillow, $39, from Infinity Pillow

Enjoy your travels!


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