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As the temperatures rise and the days get longer, it’s time to start planning for all things outdoor. From picnics and patio updates to pool days and springtime outings, get ready for March by brightening up your outdoor space — all while shopping local. Here are our top FINDS this March!


Door hanger

Be the first to welcome spring with a bright new door hanger. Handcrafted and painted by Sassy South Art, this gorgeous piece of art will bring the perfect touch of warmth and color to your front porch. Find this for $40 at The Mercantile by Miller.

Birmingham FINDS March: Floral door hanger from The Mercantile by Miller

Door hanger, $40, from The Mercantile by Miller | Image: The Mercantile by Miller

Plant baskets

If you’re looking to flex your green thumb this spring, there’s no better place to start than your home. Affordable and aesthetically pleasing, these woven baskets would look perfect on your front porch or back patio filled with gorgeous plants or even your favorite spring flowers. Ranging from $18 to $28 each, find them at Botanica.

Plant baskets from Botanica

Plant baskets, $18-$28 each, from Botanica | Image: Botanica

Wet suit hooks

Don’t both with hanging wet bathing suits over your porch railings. This sign with five hooks is not only a cute home decor piece for your back patio, but it’s also functional and easy to hang. Find it for $79.99 at Stray Cats Home Decor‘s new location on Main Street in Trussville.

Birmingham March FINDS: Wet suits hooks from Stray Cats Home Decor

Wet suit hooks, $79.99, from Stray Cats Home Decor | Image: Stray Cats Home Decor

Grilling must-have

No patio is complete without a grill to cook up all of your favorite meals this spring. We’d also say that no grilled meal is complete without Honey for the Grill by Savannah Bee Company. With the perfect combination of sweet and savory, this honey is a must-have for all of your upcoming cookouts. Find it for $14.95 at LJ’s Retail Therapy.

Honey for the Grill from LJ's Retail Therapy

Honey for the Grill, $14.95, from LJ’s Retail Therapy | Image: LJ’s Retail Therapy


Bottle carrier bag

Who else is ready for a relaxing pool day with your favorite drink in hand? We know we are! This bottle carrier bag is perfect for those sunny days by the pool or for toting down to the lake. Made for keeping drinks cold and with a custom monogram, this South of Hampton carrier is a tote everyone should have. There’s also an attached bottle opener for extra efficiency. Find it for $55 at SB Shop.

Birmingham FINDS March: Bottle Carrier from SB Shop

Bottle carrier bag, $55, from SB Shop

Tie-dye kimono

You aren’t fully dressed for a pool day without a beautiful kimono. For all of your upcoming days spent lounging by the water, this is the colorful cover-up you need. Find it in pink or blue for $28 at Shop Bijou Bhm.

Pink tie-dye kimono from Shop Bijou Bhm

Tie-dye kimono, $28, at Shop Bijou Bhm | Image: Shop Bijou Bhm

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Regatta Reserve hat

Show your love for the water and your state with this hat from Regatta Reserve. Sport your maritime monogram as you spend the day by the pool or at your favorite beach. Plus, it also makes for a great gift. Find it for $35 at SB Shop.

Birmingham FINDS March: Regatta Reserve hat from SB Shop

Regatta Reserve hat, $35, from SB Shop

Brush-on sunscreen

Whether you’re spending the day by the pool or you’re out and about, this sunscreen will become a staple in your daily skincare routine. This brush-on finishing powder by Colorescience not only locks your makeup or moisturizer in place but also provides SPF 30 protection. The powder consistency is lightweight and gives you a beautiful glow all day long. Find it for $69 at Skin Wellness Dermatology.

Brush-on sunscreen from Skin Wellness Dermatology

Brush-on sunscreen, $69, from Skin Wellness Dermatology | Image: Skin Wellness Dermatology


Pottery bird feeder

Spending more time relaxing in your garden this year? Invite Alabama’s most beautiful birds to your backyard with a new bird feeder. Handmade by crafters in McCalla, Alabama, this intricate pottery bird feeder is the perfect adornment for your backyard. Find it for $20 at Alabama Goods.

Birmingham FINDS March: Pottery bird feeder from Alabama Goods

Pottery bird feeder, $20, from Alabama Goods | Image: Alabama Goods

Spring snapdragons

Brighten up your garden with some new flowers! One of our personal favorites is the snapdragon for the variety of colors and how gorgeous they are as they bloom. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, the team at Hanna’s Garden Shop can help you learn how to care for your new plant friends. Find these snapdragons for $2.99 each at Hanna’s Garden Shop.

Snapdragon flowers

Snapdragons, $2.99 each, from Hanna’s Garden Shop | Image: Hanna’s Garden Shop

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Gold garden hose

We like to think every great gardener deserves a fancy garden hose, and there is nothing fancier than the color gold. This gold garden hose is incredibly chic and will make watering your plants that much more fun. Find it for $99 at ALKMY.

Birmingham FINDS March: Gold garden hose from ALKMY

Gold garden hose, $99, from ALKMY | Image: ALKMY

Garden flag

Spruce up your garden with a new personalized garden flag. The perfect gift for newlyweds or first-time homeowners, this flag will be a cherished outdoor accessory for years to come. Starting at $20.33, find it at Maddie & Co. Gifts.

Garden flag from Maddie & Co. Gifts

Garden flag, starting at $20.33, from Maddie & Co. Gifts | Image: Maddie & Co. Gifts


Hydro Flask soft cooler pack

If you’re planning a hike or mountain picnic this March, this cooler backpack by Hydro Flask needs to be at the top of your wishlist. The lightweight cooler will keep your items cold for up to 48 hours. With a dry pocket on top of the cooler, you’ll be able to pack snacks and supplies with ease. Find it for $175 at Pants Store.

Birmingham FINDS March: Hydro Flask Soft Cooler Pack from Pants Store

Hydro Flask soft cooler pack, $175, from Pants Store | Image: Pants Store

Scout umbrella

Never get caught during a March shower without a trusty umbrella. Available in six fun designs, this umbrella by Scout will brighten up even the dreariest days. With an automatic release button, you’ll be able to quickly open and close your new umbrella with ease. Find yours for $27.50 at Wrapsody.

Umbrella by Scout from Wrapsody

Scout umbrella, $27.50, from Wrapsody | Image: Wrapsody

On Running shoes

For all-day comfort with an added bonus of style, these ROGER Advantage On Running shoes in white and rose are just as trendy as they are functional. Whether you’re hitting your favorite outdoor track or heading out for a hike, these sneakers will keep you comfortable all day long. Find them for $140 at Gus Mayer.

Birmingham FINDS March: Roger Advantage On Running shoes from Gus Mayer

On Running shoes, $140, from Gus Mayer | Image: Gus Mayer

ENO hammock

There’s nothing more relaxing than spending the afternoon in a hammock. The ENO hammock is one of the best on the market with its easy-to-follow instructions and compact carrying bag. Grab your favorite book, find two shady trees and enjoy a peaceful swing in your new hammock. Find it for $69.95 at Alabama Outdoors.

Birmingham FINDS March: ENO Hammock from Alabama Outdoors

ENO hammock, $69.95, from Alabama Outdoors | Image: Alabama Outdoors

Birmingham is brimming with fun outdoor FINDS as we welcome a new season, so set aside a Saturday to enjoy a day of shopping (in person or online) at Magic City businesses!


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