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Today we welcome entertaining enthusiast Susie Jones of Sassy Lassy. Having been featured in O Magazine and Elle Decor, among others, this lady is quickly becoming a household name. Reinventing the paper dress and tablecloth (sold together and so popular in the Sixties) and bringing the concept back in a fresh, new way has landed Susie at the forefront of fashionable home decor. Who knew that the modern day way to entertain was to literally match your dress to your tablecloth, and more?!

With Williams Sonoma recently picking up the Sassy Lassy line, we were fortunate to be able to score an interview with this very busy lassy!
For those unfamiliar with the predecessor to Sassy Lassy, here is an old ad:
Anyone else remember this?

Susie, tell us about Sassy Lassy.

Well, unlike the original version introduced in 1966 by Scott Paper Towels, we use an eco-friendly, sustainable material that can be washed on the gentle cycle with baby detergent up to 12 times before the integrity of the fabric is damaged. We don’t suggest dry cleaning, as that will destroy the fabric almost immediately. We offer a wide range of fashion and home decor accessories to really complete the look for your party, which, of course, all match and coordinate to give your party a cohesive theme! We have beautiful florals that mimic Liberty patterns and we are about to launch our international line with Asian, Mexican and tribal themes. All of our designs are intended to bring out the inner hostess in you!

Oh — with the launch of our international line, we will also be offering downloads for dinner party music. Each track has been scientifically researched to complement the theme of the fabric you have chosen. Your dinner party is sure to be a huge success!

What inspired you to bring back the paper dress/tablecloth trend?

I have such fond memories of my mother proudly wearing her disposable fashions and hosting gatherings for friends and neighbors. I wanted to bottle that feeling and allow women today to experience it. I’ve always loved vintage chic designs, so it all just made sense. And, quite frankly, life is busy and this collection makes entertaining easier, while answering that eternal question of “What am I going to wear?”

Susie remembers her mother wearing these!

When did you first know that your idea really resonated with Southern women of today?

With companies like Lilly Pulitzer encouraging women to match their kids clothes and their husbands pants, and now your dishes and even your file folders, the idea was really there for the taking. However, I really knew we had touched on something special when we heard that we landed on Oprah’s “favorite things” list!!!
Add caption: Sassy Lassy even has ties for glassware. It's the details that matter.

Have you all always loved entertaining?

We come from a very large family with too many aunts, uncles and cousins to count, so family get togethers were always a huge undertaking and involved a lot of strategic planning. Growing up, everyone had to pitch in, and I always gravitated to table setting and general set up.

My mom used to always say, “Susie, it’s the details that matter.” So, that’s where the Sassy Lassy tagline comes from.

 Add caption: Susie sewing her next set of samples for an upcoming market in Atlanta.
Lots of great choices for Spring 2013 soirees!
Hair accessories are also available.

Any tips on easy entertaining you want to share with our readers?

Absolutely! We recommend setting your table at least a day in advance and getting as many prepared dishes as possible to ease the strain of day of entertaining. Also, it’s a good idea to try to get in at least 20 minutes of mindful meditation prior to your guests’ arrival – this way you are sure to be ready to greet them with a smile! And, for added visual tips, we have a Pinterest site to inspire:!

Oh, and by the way, what day is today anyway?


Please do not match your dress to your tablecloth, as this would be utterly ridiculous!!

Thanks to my brave neighbor, Lee, for helping me out with today’s post!

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