Love & Joy


photo courtesy of Wiff Harmer

We are reminded during this season of thanks just how grateful we are for our amazing community of readers. It wouldn’t be nearly as much fun to write if no one were reading each day! We give thanks to our supportive families as we work long hours putting together our content each week: 15-20 posts published across all of our StyleBlueprint sister cities! With over 60,000 people reading StyleBlueprint now, we continue to be amazed at just how wonderful this community is, and that community is YOU!

The support of our StyleBlueprint Deal partners makes it possible to hire our city editors, photographers, sales people and more. Though we never set out to have a deal site as a part of StyleBlueprint, we knew a better platform needed to exist for our cherished local businesses–a deal platform with integrity that ensures quality and truly matches great businesses to lovely customers.

We are so excited for the changes coming in 2013! Stay tuned!

We’ll be off for a few days spending time with our families, but be sure to check out our Pinterest boards, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, as we’ll be updating them throughout our time off.

Much love and gratitude to you all!