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    Vigor Fitness & Wellness Studio

    Strengthen your mind and body

    Orangetheory Fitness | Nashville – Midtown

    Heart-rate based interval training

    Pure Barre

    Transform your body

    Sumits Yoga Nashville

    Reach new heights

    Fit for You Nashville

    Personalized fitness experience

    Orangetheory Fitness

    Fitness taken to a new level
    Hot Yoga Plus Nashville, TN

    Hot Yoga Plus Nashville & Franklin

    Challenge your body and mind

    Marathon Fitness

    Committed to raising a healthful community

    Pure Sweat + Float Studio

    Luxe infrared sauna and float therapy

    Studio Novo

    The only Lagree fitness workout in town!

    Iron Tribe Nashville

    More than a workout.. a lifestyle!


    Indoor cycling classes and sweat drenching fitness classes