This year, like many offices and families from all over the world, our main mode of gathering has been via Zoom. From daily huddles to quick chats, it’s Zoom, Zoom, Zoom. And, we’re super grateful for it as while seeing each other screen to screen does not beat face to face, it does beat only conference calls where you only can hear each other.

This year, in order to make our Happy Thanksgiving message, we also relied on Zoom. And, in case you didn’t know, everyone sees a group gathering on Zoom differently. The person you see to your right and left is not who someone else sees to your right and left.

mid-way through trying to spell out Happy Thankgiving

Here we are, almost ready to spell out “Happy ❤️ Thanksgiving” but not quite there yet …

In order to pull off our vision where our team would spell out “Happy Thanksgiving” on Zoom, and we could take a screenshot to send to our readers on Thanksgiving, we needed to make sure everyone showed up with a blank piece of paper and a black Sharpie marker. Then, we needed one person, the person taking the screenshot, to call out to all the people on Zoom what letter they needed to write down. Again, since she was taking the screenshot from her laptop, what mattered was the sequence that she saw us on her Zoom screen.

As you might expect, problems arose.

Zoom defaults to showing a mirror image of you, which in this case means all of our letters would be backward. But, you can go into the video setting and un-click “Mirror my video” and then that reverse-image mirror setting is deactivated. (If you want to see all your video setting capabilities, pull up your Zoom — like you are starting a new meeting— and click the ^ next to the start/stop video icon in the lower-left corner. Then, click “video settings” and there are lots of options from which to choose. You can even add a vanity filter, which I must admit is pretty nice.)

As we attempted to capture our Happy Thanksgiving message for all, I started videoing the screen because we were laughing so hard at how this seemingly simple task was anything but. (I use Screencast-O-Matic, which I highly recommend.) If you want to see our behind-the-scenes 3 minutes of laughter that preceded the screenshot, the video is below. It also explains why we have a backward N! We love the backward N! 😂)

All this to say, in 2020, we have learned to embrace the small moments that make us laugh. And, when someone Slacks us to say, “Show up to daily huddle with a blank white sheet of paper and a black Sharpie,” you do it!

Happy Thanksgiving to all. We thought 2020 was going to be a year where a few initiatives we had worked on would really take off. They did not. They dried up for the time being. But, in the midst of that, we pivoted and found new opportunities to work on, a new appreciation for the small things in life, and our gratefulness grew even larger for our readers, our marketing partners, our family, friends, and this small-but-mighty work-family.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for reading StyleBlueprint with the passion that you do. We are so grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving message spelled out on Zoom

We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

And, here’s the behind-the-scenes video to show just a bit of what it took to pull that one photo off. Missing is the 5 minutes preceding this video that got us to this point!

Have a safe and happy holiday!

– All of us at StyleBlueprint

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