Summer break is coming, and if you’re already fretting on how to juggle summer childcare, you’re in luck. Everything from your go-to summer sitter to a last-minute fix when your go-to calls in sick, in as little as an hour, you can have a capable, background-checked and friendly college-aged Wyndy babysitter at your door.

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Well over 2000 background-checked and vetted college aged babysitters are active on Wyndy in the Birmingham and Nashville markets alone.

Birmingham-based Wyndy has revolutionized the way parents find, coordinate with and pay babysitters. With a quick download of the app you can browse through Wyndys in your area, and after building your profile, you can post a job and book a “magical Wyndy” of your own. Depending on the parameters of your job, you can get a response in as quickly as two minutes, says CTO David Lormor, which makes it perfect, especially when you’re in a pinch for time.

Whether you’re looking to secure a summer sitter or you’re in a pinch for last-minute childcare needs anytime, Wyndy can help. Read on for some examples of how three Southern families leaned on Wyndy for an excellent childcare experience.

Work Event Woes

Britney Summerville and her husband work in the same field, so they often find themselves needing to be at the same events on the same evenings, which presented what had been a recurring challenge: finding a sitter. She had a rotation of people she could call to watch her two boys, now age 4 and 5, but there was a lot of back-and-forth, and sometimes it was difficult to keep track of who had agreed to come when.

When she was first introduced to Wyndy through her work at Shipt, Britney knew she had found her solution, and she’s been an avid user ever since. From the ease of booking and the streamlined payment system, to the option to see Wyndys booked by friends in her network and save her favorite sitters to the “My Wyndys” list, Britney loves how the app has simplified her life.

Several weeks ago, Britney and her husband were at a work event when Britney got a notification that her babysitter for the next night had cancelled. “I discreetly put the job back out on the Wyndy hemisphere, and literally 30 seconds later I had another Wyndy lined up,” Britney says.

“The whole process is so easy, and once you become a parent, there are so many extra things to keep up with,” says Britney. “I think Wyndy does a really good job of making the entire experience safe and fun for my children, but also really easy for me.”

Wyndy babysitter app

A quality babysitter is just an app away thanks to Wyndy!

Impromptu Holiday Weekend Plans

The Thursday before Memorial Day, Gunter Owens invited her cousin and her family to spend the weekend in Birmingham. But when Gunter suggested the adults go out to dinner while leaving the four kids with a babysitter, her cousin scoffed. Finding a sitter at the last minute on a holiday weekend seemed impossible. “So when they got here Friday, she was like ‘So any luck on the babysitter? We’re totally fine just cooking out here,’” says Gunter. “And I said, ‘No, we got one!’ She couldn’t believe that we found a sitter on Memorial Day weekend that quickly.” With just a few clicks, the job was quickly booked, and the adults were free to hit the town while an awesome Wyndy spent the evening with the gaggle of cousins.

Gunter heard about Wyndy when it was still in its infancy, thanks to her friendship with founders Tommy and Ginger Mayfield, but her loyalty to the app has been earned through innumerable great experiences with sitters she knows she can be confident in. “They really do play with your kids,” Gunter says. “They show up, they want to do a good job and they want your kids to have fun, and I’m grateful for that.”

Wyndy app

Forget texting with friends of friends to try to find a sitter: Wyndy makes it so easy to connect with awesome college-aged babysitters.

In Need of a Night Off

Wyndy’s Chief Technology Officer David Lormor has been using Wyndy since before he joined the team in 2018. When his wife started a new job at UAB as a physical therapy assistant about two weeks before school started in 2017, they had to come up with a quick solution for arranging care for their three kids, ages 8, 7 and 5. With no family in town and no luck finding sitters elsewhere, David remembered an app being developed by some tech colleagues and decided to give it a try.

Eighteen months later and now serving as the company’s CTO, David still turns to Wyndy, especially when in a babysitting bind. “A couple of weeks ago my wife was working in a new department at UAB that she hadn’t worked at before,” he says. “It was apparent that it was a stressful time, so I wanted to treat her for such a hard week and see if I could get a Wyndy so we could go out for the night. Within five minutes I had a sitter booked and ready to go, and my wife was really happy that we could go out to dinner and leave the kids at home.”

With freedom from stressing about finding sitters, or stressing about how your kids are doing with their sitters once you’re out of the house, you can have the freedom to do more of what you want to do. “A lot of what we’re most proud of recently is parents, especially women, coming to us and saying ‘Wyndy enables me to say ‘yes’ to more,’” says Landon Howell, VP of Operations at Wyndy. “They’re saying ‘It enables me to attend that meeting. It enables me to take that cycling class. It enables me to take an afternoon off,’ and they’re sometimes waiting until the last minute to post the job because they have the peace of mind that the sitters will be available, and they’ll be there.” And that’s all any parent can ask for.

BONUS: Summer Sitter Needs

Working parents, if you’re child’s preschool is closed for summer and they’re too young for day camp, you know the scramble for summer care. Or perhaps your child isn’t a fan of day camp and would rather spend their days with a sitter who will keep them busy at home. Wyndy is changing the summer childcare game — eliminating the need to scramble or fork out big bucks for camp. Download the Wyndy app, and get a sitter lined up for your little ones and rest assured they’re in good hands this summer.

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