Wolford is known the world over for the hands-down best hosiery on the market- and now it is here, in Nashville!

Why Wolford hosiery is so good:

First off, the rise is three inches longer than other brands; this provides a better fit.  A full inch of banding at the top stops the roll over effect.  Now, to get more technical: most tights are formed on a tube.  Wolford has a special knitting technique that knits the hose on an actual leg-form and creates a seamless tight.  The leg-form creates hosiery that is in proportion.  Your arch is a different size than your heel and your hosiery should reflect that.  These do. (Just to be clear: there IS a seam on the foot- but it is a flat seam so say goodbye to that uncomfortable seam that causes you to redo your tights.  Never again if you buy these.

Wolford makes an office girl’s dream come true with their whisper sheer hose, called Luxe 9 for $30.  The Winter Soft Logic tights make short skirts bearable on winter days ($58).


This hosiery does for your legs what cosmetics do for your skin: improves upon what you have.  Wolford has leggings, patterns, colors, knee highs, thigh highs, and fishnets that look classy, not slutty…..basically, they have it all. The picture in this posting is from the current Spring 2009 collection. Named “Reflection”, the loose airy weave and pale color make this a great tight for the anticipation of sunny days. ($45)

So, pretty pricey.  Are they worth it?

Well, they drum all the fabric with tiny silicone beads to make it more supple.  Apparently brittle hose are hose that will snag and run.  These hose are super soft and thus are harder to snag.  I mean, keep your nails clipped and don’t be rough but these should last you!  For funny proof, search around on some chat rooms like I have about Wolford.  Apparently the cross-dressers LOVE them because they make their legs look so good, they last so long and they are the most comfortable.  “Things that make you go hmmmmm….”

If you are hard to fit, the girls at Wolford will help you out.

Friendly and ultra knowledgeable, tell them your ills and they will provide a Wolford prescription.

And, it’s a great place to get a gift card from….