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The South is known for its iconic resorts — many of which are dotted along the coastline or tucked into mountain valleys — offering golf, outdoor adventures, sun, sand and spa experiences. And, with cold weather approaching, perhaps it’s time to look at some of these Southern favorites from a fresh perspective as destinations for winter vacations.

From skiing and ice skating to snowy, horse-drawn carriage rides, hikes, and wintry meals with bourbon cocktails, a long weekend at one of these historic Southern resorts is an ideal way to embrace winter and all it has to offer.

Originally published in 2017, but updated in December 2021

3 Southern Resort Winter Vacation Destinations

Blackberry Farm
Walland, TN

Blackberry Farm has been offering a magical escape for more than 40 years, and while a stay here is magical anytime of the year, when snow caps the surrounding Smokies and provides a beautifully stark landscape in the foothills, Blackberry becomes a true escape from the grind of everyday life.

Blackberry Farm in winter

Blackberry Farm in winter. Image: Liza Graves

Beyond fine dining and spa pampering, winter weekends bring some unique opportunities for guests. From winter hikes to mock truffle demonstrations, there’s something for everyone.

In February, the farm’s darling truffle dogs — Lagotto Romagnolos — are put to work, sniffing out the tasty black truffles throughout the farm property. Guests can enjoy truffle hunting and dog training demonstrations, meals featuring black truffles, and can even bring their own Lagotto pups to join in the fun. (We are officially smitten with these dogs.)

Visit for a complete list of 2022 activities.

Blackberry Farm's truffle dogs are absolutely adorable!

Blackberry Farm’s truffle dogs are absolutely adorable! Image: Blackberry Farm

Happy is the New Healthy take place in January and is sure to reinforce your resolutions — and in a beautiful setting, no less!

Happy is the New Healthy take place in January and is sure to reinforce your resolutions — and in a beautiful setting, no less! Image: beall + thomas photography

And, be sure to check out Blackberry Farm’s sister property, Blackberry Mountain, for even more inspiration.

The Greenbrier
White Sulphur Springs, WV

The historic Greenbrier first welcomed guests in the year 1778. Back then, guests came to experience the healing qualities of the natural mineral springs. The sprawling resort now boasts 10,000 acres and more than 700 guest rooms, a casino, spa, championship golf, and boutique shopping.

The Greenbrier

When winter releases its snowy blanket, the entrance to the historic Greenbrier Resort is absolutely majestic. Image: The Greenbrier

In winter, guests at The Greenbrier can choose from special events and daily activities to create a memorable weekend. The resort’s usual indoor offerings include the casino for adults, an eight-lane bowling alley, laser tag and fitness classes, as well as tours of the Bunker, a Cold War-era, top-secret bunker carved into the mountain beneath one of the hotel’s wings. It was originally intended to house members of Congress in the case of a national emergency. The bunker features dormitories, meeting rooms for the House of Representatives and Senate, and all the facilities needed to keep the U.S. government running in a crisis.

The resort’s winter offerings include a large ice rink that’s open daily for guests, music and festive light displays, as well as a rink-side fire pit to warm chilled fingers and toes. There are even Tarot Card readings, adult painting workshops and more!

Greenbrier off-road adventure

Going off-road is especially fun when melting snow leaves massive mud puddles. Image: The Greenbrier

Off-roading is better in super-snowy winters — think of all the mud and ice on which to slip and slide around while driving a specially kitted-out Jeep Wrangler through the resort’s rugged terrain. Off-road adventures range from one to three hours and include a guide to instruct guests on advanced driving techniques as they take on some steep and rocky terrain along the 30-mile course.

Those wanting to leave the driving to someone else — and perhaps enjoy not such a rugged outing — can climb into a horse-drawn sleigh or carriage to experience the winter wilderness surrounding the resort. Both group and private sleigh and carriage rides are offered daily; the caveat is that sleigh rides are only offered when there’s enough of the white stuff.

Sleigh ride at the Greenbrier

Take a lovely, snowy sleigh or carriage ride at The Greenbrier — an enchanting way to enjoy winter! Image: The Greenbrier

Guests of The Greenbrier can enjoy special weekends dedicated to wine and mixology (winter cocktails, anyone? Yes, please!), wine tastings and pub crawls throughout the winter months, too.

To learn more about The Greenbrier and to peruse a current calendar of events, visit

The Omni Homestead Resort
Hot Springs, VA

The Omni Homestead — more commonly known just as The Homestead has been open for over 250 years. This historic, luxury resort, tucked into the Virginia Mountains, has both restorative hot springs and its own ski slopes – all on one property!

Thomas Jefferson frequented the resort’s hot springs-fed pools during a three-week stay in 1818, and today the Jefferson Pools offer men’s and women’s areas, each featuring naturally heated spring water pools that are open year-round. During the winter months, however, just one pool house is open, and all soaking is co-ed.

Fall at The Omni Homestead is stunning ...

Fall at The Omni Homestead is stunning … Image: Omni Homestead Resort

Omni Homestead Resort

The Omni Homestead Resort, in Hot Springs, VA, is a wonderland of winter fun. Image: Omni Homestead Resort

Omni Homestead Resort

… but winter is when it SHINES! This is a gorgeous night view of The Homestead’s skating rink and heated outdoor pool. Image: Omni Homestead Resort

The Homestead’s 45 acres of slopes are open to skiers and snowboarders, and feature nine downhill runs nicely split into thirds when it comes to difficulty, between beginner, intermediate and advanced. At the base of the mountain, a Rossignol Experience Center gives skiers expert rental advice and fittings. The Homestead’s slopes also offer a tubing park and mini snowmobiles for children 6-12 years of age. The final piece of the snow activity puzzle at The Homestead is the Olympic-sized skating rink adjacent to the Jefferson Pools.

The Homestead

Ski on-property at The Homestead, where nine downhill runs welcome skiers and snowboarders of all experience levels. Image: Omni Homestead Resort

Yes, there really is a winter wonderland in the South. You just have to know where to look — and pray for a snowy winter!

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