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Before you pick up a hammer, a wrench or (worse) a sledgehammer, ask yourself if you are qualified to handle the task at hand. There is no shame in accepting you are better equipped to tend to the garden than the plumbing issue in the basement.

Turning to the pros for help is a simple and smart solution, but finding someone reliable to get the job done can be as puzzling as your plumbing problem. After all, when you have a plumbing problem, it makes sense to call a plumber. When you have drywall that needs repairing, you call a drywall professional. But riddle us this: What if you have a plumbing problem that turns into a drywall problem?

Rather than trying to negotiate various services from various providers and coordinate their schedules to boot, wouldn’t it be nice to have one company to call that can handle any home maintenance or repair issue and do all the coordinating for you?

It’s your lucky day because that company exists.

The team at Wills Handyman can tackle any job — from kitchen updates to gutter cleaning.

Wills Handyman is an all-in-one solution to home maintenance and repair, recognized for its clear, upfront pricing, professional team and warranted work. Trust one team to tackle everything so that you aren’t left up to your elbows in half-completed projects.

What seems to be an easy one-step process can quickly become a nightmare for a homeowner who is ill-equipped to manage all the aspects of the work,” owner Ridley Wills notes. He provides an example of painting the exterior of your home, which can often evolve into rot repair (carpentry), roof repair and interior damage repair (drywall and insulation). “Having done residential remodeling and maintenance work for the past 29 years, we have likely seen the problem before,” Ridley explains, assuring us that his team can handle anything — from changing a lightbulb to wood rot repair. “Our team is especially well-suited to tackle those seemingly simple projects that often turn out to be way more complicated than our client originally thought.

Thanks to the team of these specialists on staff, which includes account managers, draftsmen, designers, production coordinators and handymen (of course), plus a multitude of trusted subcontractor partners, anyone you can possibly need is available and able to step in without any additional phone calls or coordination, wait times or service call fees being incurred. From plumbers and electricians to experts in masonry, ironwork, chimney repair and any other possible home repair needs you may have, Wills Handyman should be the only number you have on speed dial.

Sometimes home maintenance and repair projects aren’t as simple as they seem. Calling on an expert is a wise decision!

Be realistic with the scope of a project and if things become too overwhelming, pick up the phone and call for help.

This is a trusted team of experts you can trust to take care of any job.

From custom cabinetry to holiday decorations, here is a list of housekeeping and home maintenance jobs that Wills Handyman can handle for you. Keep this list — and the Wills Handyman phone number — handy for the next time a home repair project arises (and you know it will!).

39 Home Repair & Maintenance Jobs Wills Handyman Can Tackle


  • Caulk and grout
  • Custom cabinetry
  • Countertop replacement
  • Demolition work
  • Hardwood floor installation, refinishing and waxing
  • Ironwork
  • Masonry (stone and brick)
  • Millwork
  • Painting, sealing and staining
  • Tile repair and installation


  • Check smoke detectors and CO detectors
  • Crawlspace, basement and attic inspections
  • Deck cleaning and sealing
  • Garage door repair and replacement
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Home energy assessments
  • Mold remediation
  • Roofing and gutter repairs/replacement
  • Safety-proofing
  • Window repair and installation
  • Wood rot repair


  • Door installation and repair
  • Drywall and plaster repair
  • Electrical
  • Exterior drainage
  • Fireplace/chimney repair
  • Furniture assembly
  • Hardware installation, repair and replacement
  • Holiday decorations
  • HVAC
  • Insulation
  • Light bulb replacement
  • Mailbox repair, removal and installation
  • Pet doors
  • Picture hanging
  • Plumbing
  • Pressure washing
  • “To-Do” lists
  • Wall and shelving unit installation

That pretty much covers anything a homeowner could ever need completed. Find out more about this amazing local company at  willscompany.com.

This article is sponsored by Wills Handyman.

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