Wiff Harmer made my husband tear up.  Really – she did.  Her weapon was her camera and her wound was the realization that childhood moments are fleeting.

Mary Blake Graves, my oldest, age 10.

I am a huge advocate for spending money on professional photography.  I have a clear memory from my own childhood of my mother lamenting an expense that her friend indulged in: professional pictures of her children.  She said, “I wouldn’t trade the way we live our life, but I wish I had more beautiful pictures of you all.”

Cameras today are totally different making our own photography ability 1000% better than what most of our parents could achieve. Plus, digital photography has eliminated the guess work of film.  But, a professional can still capture the light, expressions and giggles better than most of us.

With Mother’s Day coming, I think a gift certificate for a session with Wiff would be one of the best presents you could ever receive.  Sitting Fee: $150, 5×7 are  $30, 8×10 are $45.  See her website, www.wiffharmer.com for more information.  Here’s a sample of her work which you can request in Black & White or Color.

All moms should have a picture taken with their baby. Remember that!

John, Mason and Tully McKee. I’m so glad this one is in color as the Fall palette is so rich.

Myatt Hooper. You can almost hear the giggles.

The Dayani boys. I have three kids with this same age spread and this is how they interact. I LOVE that it was captured in this picture – it makes me smile oh so BIG!

Turner, Gus and Millie Kirkland

Millie Kirkland. 

Charlie, Mary Blake and Reese Graves. Our cat is 19 1/2 and the doorway to the house is 100 years old. I love this picture.

Denton Sensing

Loring, Hannah and Reid Helfrich.

If you hire Wiff, be sure to get a picture of your entire family together, but also one of JUST you and your hubby. Really. The last professional picture we had taken of ourselves was when were married and I’m so glad Wiff snapped this one. Jay and Liza Graves.