invisibeltI sold clothes for years and I was always at a loss wondering how to wear a slim fitting tunic over my jeans…..since I like to wear a belt.  Do you know my dilemma?  You got it, the darn belt buckle that sticks out and gives you that awful pouch.  Well, yes, I could have all my jeans altered so as to not need a belt, but I like my jeans to fit just so, and they stretch a bit, so I will always need a belt.  And if you think you don’t need one, weeeeeeell, you may be one of the women who we talk about behind your back because we have seen your thong, or your coin slot, one too many times.  I’m serious.  Stop laughing.

I found out about this product over the 4th of July.  I was walking into a Nashville gathering in Cashiers, North Carolina and the cutest gal stopped and showed me her belt.  She proclaimed it to be her favorite.  It took me a minute to GET IT because it is so tiny and clear and I like a hold-it-in-there kind of belt. I thought, “No way is that my kinda belt.”  But, she went on and on about why it was the best and you know what?  She was right.  It is the belt I have been searching for FOR YEARS!  Hello longer knits, I am ready for you!  No more bulges; no more bumps!  In fact the tag-line is “All Belt, No Bulk.” Hello Invisibelt!

Why do you need this belt?  Here I go sounding like a pitchman, but here are the quotes straight from their website.  It’s a very “as seen on TV” type of thing (I mean even the price is $19.95) but hey, if it works, it works!  Click on the picture to order yours today!


“I love it when a fashion dilemma gets solved especially when the solution involves something as ingenious as the invisibelt!”  – Suze Yalof Schwarz, Executive Fashion Editor, Glamour
“The invisibelt is a clear, flat belt that chic-ifies practically any outfit.”  – Lucky
“This is a brilliant concept. Who doesn’t need an invisible belt?”  – Dana H.
“This clear, flat belt is imperceptible under formfitting tops and sweater giving you a super-streamlined look”.  – Shape
“This is my new favorite hostess gift…who really needs another bottle of wine?”  – Julie K.
The invisible belt keeps pants smooth at the waistline so they don’t gap or bulge under body skimming, longer tops.”  –
“Getting pants tailored in hardly economical so I am intrigued by the invisibelt.”  –
“I always wear my invisibelt when I travel – one less thing to worry about at airport security”.  – Margo S.
“The invisibelt gives you the functionality of the belt without the buckle. It is a clear plastic belt with a clasp that is invisible under your shirt”. –
“The Noir is so cool – it has a sexy patent sheen. Not only do I wear it with black pants, but with my jeans too.”  – Kathy Kramer, creator of invisibelt
“Pfew…no more plumbers butt or embarrassing situations thanks to this invisible belt.  – Susan B.