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Last week I checked out Vui’s Kitchen, Berry Hill’s newest restaurant offering up fresh and healthy Vietnamese food, along with StyleBlueprint’s managing editor, Ashley Haugen, and photographer Leila Grossman of Grannis Photography. We were all smitten and suggest working your way through the entire menu. The sandwiches, soups and salads will all leave you filled with nutritious ingredients and longing for your next visit. You’ll find whole food ingredients and an abundance of fresh herbs. You won’t find anything fried and there is no MSG in any of the recipes. And, yes, alcohol is served by way of a nice selection of wine and bottled beers.

I knew I would be a fan before I even walked through the doors as I was already a fan of Vui Hunt’s cooking. She and her husband John are the power couple behind Juice Bar, the juice bar franchise they started a few years ago. Upon first discovering Juice Bar, Vui and I talked about the restaurant she used to own in Atlanta, Veggieland. It was clear then that another healthy restaurant, outside of the Juice Bar, would likely crop up in this couple’s future, and I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed ever since (as well as frequently picking up Vui’s food items along with a juice for a tasty lunch). The wait was worth it, and the summer season perfectly pairs with these fresh and healthy Vietnamese dishes.

Vui Hunt, owner of Vui's Kitchen in Nashville's Berry Hill neighborhood

Vui Hunt, owner of Vui’s Kitchen

At Vui’s Kitchen, you will find a menu filled with small bites (including soups, rolls and salads) and large bites (including sandwiches, pho soups, rice bowls, noodle bowls and large salads). All large bites are custom-made with your choice of meats or vegetarian toppings. The menu also includes desserts/snacks, called “Yummies” as well as fresh-made drinks, called “Sips.”

Here were some of our highlights:

Spring rolls at Vui's Kitchen

For the soft opening, there were some items on a table for anyone to try, or you could order off the menu. Here are the tasty spring rolls.

Salad at Vui's Kitchen

This chicken and cabbage salad is my kind of meal. Look at the amount of fresh herbs and vegetables. Squeeze some lime juice on top to make it pop. The chicken provides a nice portion of protein, but vegetarians can have this salad made without it.

Bánh mì sandwich at Vui's Kitchen

This bánh mì sandwich is everything you want it to be. Have yours made with lemongrass chicken, lemongrass pork, lemongrass beef or fried eggs.

A map of Vietnam at Vui's Kitchen

A map of Vietnam shows you true appreciation for just how much coastline this country has.

Vui's Kitchen

Vui’s Kitchen is located in Berry Hill near the neighborhood Juice Bar and across the street from long-time coffee shop Sam & Zoe’s.

The counter at Vui's Kitchen

Order at the counter and they’ll come find you when your food is ready. And, note the super cute t-shirts that say “Pho Real.”

The covered patio at Vui's Kitchen.

Yes, you can eat on the patio! In fact, there are two … one that is covered (shown above) and one that is open to the blue sky.

Pho soup at Vui's Kitchen.

And, it just wouldn’t be real without a photo of delicious Pho, right?!

Check out Vui’s Kitchen at 2832 Bransford Ave., Nashville, TN 37204. Hours are Monday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.; closed on Sundays. Learn more on the Vui’s Kitchen website.

Special thanks to Grannis Photography for the gorgeous photos!


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