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Kim at the Nashville Flea Market with some smokin’ vintage boots

Last week the Closet Girls, Tina Adams and Rebecca Thompson, paid a visit to my closet.  What I wanted from them was not a complete wardrobe overall, just a lively collaboration session, a little fun and  another set of eyeballs on my wardrobe.  I love the art of collaboration because it always yields wonderful results, and in my case, our brainstorming created another 10 – 15 outfits for this season.

They pointed one thing that was woefully missing from my closet: a pair of vintage cowboy boots.  I bought one pair from a consignment shop in Aspen, but the pros said I needed some in a neutral color with a higher heal.

As it was the third weekend of the month, I wandered around the Flea Market this past weekend not thinking the least bit about my need of cowboy boots.  I was preoccupied for a while over my harried negotiation with a jewelry vendor which I lost.  As I began negotiating, she very curtly said to me, “Honey, I don’t stay up all night putting stickers on this jewelry to give you a discount.” (Well, OK….but, I thought that negotiating was what you were supposed to do at a Flea Market).  Well, since I didn’t get the dang piece, maybe she lost!  Rude!

Happily, I turned a corner and found my old friend Kim Brewer.  There she was surrounded by boots, boots and more really COOL boots. She has over 600 pairs!  Why, she even had a pair of turquoise boots lovingly named the mermaid boots. In my trying on frenzy, I forgot to snap a picture.  Dang it!

Aren’t these the best?!

Quickly, I relayed to her the closet girls suggestions and voila, there they were, my new boots.  What do ya’ll think?

Kim is a vintage queen.  She sells only men’s vintage clothing and cowboy boots at the Flea Market.  However, at her booths in the Downtown Antique Market on 8th Avenue and in the Tennessee Antique Mall on Wedgewood, you will find a complete line of vintage clothing and oodles & oodles of boots!  You’ll never find a nicer and more gracious person to do business with in this town.  She loves finding the perfect boot for you and your taste.  Cowboy boots look great with shorts, skirts, sundresses and your favorite jeans.  They are the perennial trend that lingers in NashVegas for obvious reasons.

Give Kim a call or email her.  She’ll find you some of the hippest cowboy boots around.  Promise.

Kim’s email:  [email protected]
Cell:  615-578-4693

The Closet Girls:
Tina Adams and Rebecca Thompson:  [email protected]

Important info to acquire boots.  The Nashville Flea Market is open every 3rd weekend of the month.

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