You could say that Tracie Simmons* is an expert in vaginal rejuvenation. She’s tried numerous procedures, and while all of them touted a litany of promises, few could actually keep them. To be clear, Tracie’s issues weren’t severe. She’d had some minor urinary incontinence that was triggered by the birth of her only child, but she thought about her mother and the surgery she’d had to treat the same issue. “I certainly didn’t want it to get worse, especially when there was something that I could do to be proactive,” Tracie says.

And so began the various treatments, the lasers and injections. Unfortunately, despite the thousands of dollars and the multiple sessions that were often required, Tracie didn’t see the results she was looking for. Then she tried Viveve.

vaginal rejuvenation

Urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction are common symptoms that follow childbirth and aging. It’s okay to talk about these issues, and it’s also okay to get help.

How Viveve Works

Vaginal rejuvenation treatments have become popular in recent years, as technological advancements have given women an easy, non-invasive way to address the all-too-common symptoms that seem to become inevitable with motherhood and age. For the women who’ve suffered with bladder leaks while coughing, sneezing or jumping, or who have been plagued with vaginal dryness, there’s a treatment. And it doesn’t require surgery.

Every vaginal rejuvenation treatment is different, but Viveve works by directing cryogen-cooled radiofrequency toward different areas of the vagina. This radiofrequency is then able to penetrate the wall of the vaginal canal to increase blood flow to the vagina. While this may sound excruciating, Dr. Brady Harris of Nashville’s Image Surgical Arts assures that it’s not.

“Viveve is a painless procedure that takes about 30-45 minutes,” he says. “You may feel a warm sensation followed by cooling, but there is no pain.”

Perhaps even better than the relative comfort of the treatment is the nearly nonexistent recovery time — a factor that Tracie truly appreciated. “It’s a one-time treatment, and there’s no downtime,” she says. “You could have sex the same evening if you wanted to.”

Speaking of sex, Dr. Harris is careful to note that Viveve’s “side effects” will likely heat things up in the bedroom. Increased natural lubrication, increased muscle tone of the vagina and increased frequency and intensity of orgasms are welcome consequences of the procedure that some women may not even have realized they needed.

“Often, women don’t realize that they’re dealing with something that’s not totally normal, even if it’s commonplace” Dr. Harris says. “Pain during sex and trouble reaching orgasm are not normal, and Viveve can address those issues.”

vaginal rejuvenation

The Viveve method of vaginal rejuvenation is an easy, non-surgical way to feel normal again and enjoy your life.

Feeling Normal Again with Vaginal Rejuvenation

Beth Landon* turned to Viveve about nine months ago, after realizing that she couldn’t interact with her 8-year-old son the way she wanted to due to incontinence issues. “I was having the typical issues you see as you get older — the incontinence and increased frequency of urination,” she says. “I was at the point where I was going to have surgery. I had nothing to lose. My son likes to go outside and run and play, but getting on the trampoline was a problem for me.”

Beth had her procedure done at Image Surgical Arts and was pleasantly surprised by the process. “I knew a lot about these types of procedures, so I knew it wouldn’t hurt — but you’re still amazed that it actually doesn’t,” she says. “There’s pressure, and I could hear the machine working, but I really didn’t feel anything at all.”

Beth’s primary concern was incontinence, so the procedure was tailored to addressing that issue. Based on the patient’s need each pulse of radiofrequency is targeted to a different area of the vagina, ensuring a highly customizable and satisfying result. And, at Image Surgical Arts, Viveve procedures are administered by women, to help clients feel as comfortable as possible.

Two weeks later, Beth says, her incontinence and frequent trips to the bathroom were completely resolved, and she also began experiencing some of those side effects that Dr. Harris mentioned. “I wasn’t sure if a lot the things that were going on were normal, but I found out it was menopause,” Beth says. “You get really dry when you’re menopausal, but lubrication has improved consistently. I feel normal down there again.”

Ultimately, all Dr. Harris wants for women — whether they’re new moms, are entering menopause or simply experiencing some things that don’t seem quite right — is a feeling of normalcy. According to the National Association for Urinary Incontinence, 25 million adult Americans suffer from incontinence, and 75-80% of those people are women. Meanwhile, as many as 43% of women have some form of sexual difficulty. In both cases, very few sufferers actually seek help.

“Viveve is very safe,” says Dr. Harris. “There is no risk of burns or anything, and you won’t make anything worse. We tell everyone that you should see results within 30 days and that it takes 90 days for full benefit. But even if it doesn’t work, it won’t make anything worse. What do you have to lose?”

*Names have been changed to protect anonymity.

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