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What’s that you say?  NEST has bags?  Yes, they do.  And thus you know that they’ve got to be divine as what does this store sell that is not? If you haven’t been to Nest, I’ll be sure to write more details later.  But, for now: let’s talk FALL HANDBAG.

The character images on each bag start out as a clay figure created by an artist in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  The figures are then photographed and hand silk-screened onto the Italian leather from which these bags are made. The sides of each bag contain a story that looks like a serious newspaper article, also hand silk-screened onto the Italian leather, but the story is actually a quirky tale about the character shown on the bag.  Each bag is a unique work of art as finishes, textures and colors vary with each one.

The bags are designed in Santa Fe and while the leather is amazing, the stitching is superb: stitching is what separates the men from the boys in the world of high-end bags.  While these bags have a price point of $240-$460, the stitching compares to the most high-end out there.

Feast your eyes upon these beauties from Ransom+Scout:


The Apolo Bag


The Scout Handbag


The Scout Purse


Owners Stephanie Van Hoesen and Carol McNeill modeling the bags

Owners Stephanie Van Hoesen and Carol McNeill modeling the bags

Ransom+Scout is sticking with boutique locations and saying “No, Thanks” to the calls from department stores.  So, if cool and quality are your thing, and a brand name is not, this may be your bag. If you want to wear a piece of art daily this coming season, this is your bag. Head on down to NEST.  They have never had a product fly out the door like these bags.  In fact they’ve only had them in for 10 days and they placed another order today!

Edgehill Village
1200 Villa Place
Suite 112
Nashville, TN 37212

(615) 383-1511

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