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About six weeks ago, my husband and I traveled across the country for a friend’s wedding. We stayed at the Cedar House Sport Hotel in Truckee, California, outside of Lake Tahoe. We really liked the hotel. I’d go back there just to eat their breakfasts and dinners for a week straight. Delicious! But, there was one other thing that stood out to us and the other two couples who were traveling with us. It had everything to do with two people sleeping in the same bed and an ingenious sleep hack for a better way to sleep.

You see, we were all sleeping really, really well. We all attributed it to the way the bed was set up, which was far different than any of us had ever experienced.

There was one king bed in each room. There were six pillows on each bed. And, there was a bottom sheet and no top sheet. Instead of a top sheet, there were two individual duvets. Yes, instead of just one king-size duvet, there were TWO duvets. Each was made for a twin bed, perfectly sized to make an individual sleep capsule each night.

This two-duvet situation meant that my husband and I could sleep in the same bed, but when he reached over to his bedside table, or shifted to get comfortable, it didn’t mess with my side. My duvet didn’t move.


Cedar House Sport Hotel King bed with two duvets

Cedar House Sport Hotel is an environmentally conscious hotel in Truckee, California. And, despite appearing to be very sparse, the bed was INCREDIBLE.

One bed, two duvets

They do this same setup for their queen beds as well, as seen here. One bed, two duvets. Mind blown.

Over breakfast after the third night’s sleep, we and the other two couples found ourselves all amazed by the difference this made. We were all 100% on board that this needs to be the way couples sleep in the same bed to get a better night’s sleep.

Of course, once I went home, I quickly forgot about this, and we went back to our one-comforter lifestyle. And, I’m so accustomed to the look of a bed made with a large comforter that I’m sure I wanted to forget about these four nights of amazing sleep in California as a reason to change my bedding.

Then, last week, night after night, I was more than a little annoyed with how much my husband was moving. With each movement, my sheets were being rearranged, the temperature was changing as outside air was let into the cocoon of warmth under the covers. We’re both suffering from allergies, so the little coughs throughout the night inevitably lead to changing positions. And, with each move to the side or to our backs, the ripple effect was actually a true ripple of sheets (and annoyance). After a few nights of this, I suddenly remembered the remedy: separate duvets.

Perhaps I could deal with a new look for bedding if I could get that amazing kind of sleep night after night.

I looked online to see if others had experienced this great sleep at Cedar House. Plenty of reviews backed up our memory:

Google reviews include so much talk about the bedding:

  • “…German bedding was PHENOMENAL …”
  • “The best lodging experience we have ever had in America. The service, the quality products, and linens …”
  • “We loved our stay at this hotel. The rooms were wonderful. We especially liked the beds, bedding …”
  • “I really enjoyed this quaint and clean boutique hotel. The linens were clean, bed was comfy, and I liked that there were separate duvets for two people sharing a bed …”

There was one review I found that didn’t like the smaller, separate duvets, so this not something 100% of people will like, but again, the three couples in our group all loved it.

  • “I didn’t care for the small European duvet on the bed, but when I called the front desk they promptly brought a large fluffy king-size duvet which I loved …”

If you and your partner get into bed at different times, or get out of bed at different times, or move when you sleep — this sleep hack is one you must try! Or, if one of you is more cold-natured, or has allergies … you each can choose the makeup of your duvet. I highly suggest a trip to Truckee to try out Cedar House Sport Hotel to see for yourself. But, that’s a bit of trip just to try out bedding. (The fishing, hiking, and skiing are really great there if you need more motivation to go.) But, you may already be convinced that this two-duvet-thing makes sense, doesn’t it?!

Apparently, there is a term for this way of making a bed; it’s called the “Scandinavian sleep method,” and it’s starting to gain quite a following.

So, I’ve done it. After never even owning a duvet (I’ve always been a comforter/quilt type of gal), we have two on the way along with some new pillows. I wanted to order the exact same linens, but they are from a German wholesaler. I ended up ordering from Brooklinen as they have fantastic reviews. In the end, I want that sleep back that we enjoyed so much in Truckee in September. I want that for my everyday.

I’ve also found all sorts of advice on how to make the bed so that it looks a bit more traditional. Basically, you can have the two duvets overlap and place a throw blanket across the bottom. And, converters revel in the fact that making a bed takes under a minute. I’m okay with the bed not looking quite the same as what I’m used to. I’m choosing better sleep over a bedding set that looks good in a magazine. I’m beginning to understand that a good night’s sleep is the cornerstone to everything else.

Here are a few inspirations I’ve found on Instagram to further inspire you, as it really was such an eye-opening realization for us.


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If you sleep in a bed with someone else, the next time your sheets are being rearranged as they get in and out of bed, or put their book on the nightstand, or simply try and get comfortable, think about how nice it would be to still share that bed, but essentially have your own set of bedding. It’s a game-changer!


Looking for more ways to get a better night’s sleep? Check out our article on How To Start Sleeping Better Tonight.


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