As we all become more aware of our footprint on this glorious earth, many of us are downsizing our need for square footage. And, while I can’t imagine living in some of the houses being mentioned today (hello…100 sqare feet!), today’s featured homes make you contemplate a simpler lifestyle while still living large, no matter what downsizing personally means to you. Oh, and we’re throwing in the coolest camping tent also, as, well, it’s just amazing and does fit the “living large in a small space” category!

Let’s start with a 100 year old tiny house that shares street frontage with regular sized homes.

Found in Toronto

Found in Toronto: source, click here.

But, can someone really live in a home this size? A family? Well, yes. This trend is not just for single people or couples who wish to shower in the rain… Really. It’s far easier to be mortgage-free with a tiny house than a big house. We all know this.

Here is a Tennessee tiny house from the company Tennessee Tiny Homes. They had a road tour at some Tennessee Lowe’s: go to Lowe’s, buy a shovel, get a fern, and oh, while you’re at it, an entire house:







For more on Tennessee Tiny Homes, click here.

But, hey, if you are going to have a tiny house, why not think…Australia?


Located near Sydney, this tiny house has one wall that contains the kitchen, bathroom and storage. For details and photo source: click here.

Or, Yugoslavia…


This is a vacation home in Yugoslavia. Amazing. Original source: click here.

Or Ireland…


Beautiful. For an entire site dedicated to this house, click here.



An inside look of the Irish tiny house.

This tiny house in Maine gives a new definition to the concept of lakefront living.


Ahhhhh… If you like cabins, this photo comes from a site dedicated to cabin images called Cabin Porn.

And, here is tiny house, dubbed a “Bungalito.” Measuring in at a couple hundred square feet, bungalitos are constructed as period-perfect partners to original homes–think space for a studio, office, or guest house–with amazing craftsmanship and attention to details.


The Bungalito. For more information, click here.

Apartment Therapy listed 10 Tiny homes in January, and here are my two favorites:





To see all 10 homes featured in Apartment Therapy, click here.

I need to include at least one fairytale cottage if I am writing about tiny houses, as they bring me particular enjoyment:


Carmel is amazing, and that is where this sweet tiny home is located. For more about it, and Carmel, click here.

Lastly, the camping tent I promised. This photo just conjures up the wonder of what it must be like to sleep here! This is called a Bubble Tree. And, yes, this kinda goes against the whole “pare down” idea, as most are looking at these tents as an expensive way to camp. My point is to show that luxury can come in a tiny place that forces you to see the world differently.




Bubble Tree Hotel 5

For more information on Bubble Trees, click here.

All of this leads me to a wonderful article Elizabeth sent me and I know you will each enjoy. It’s about how so many can benefit from downsizing. Check out this article featured in the New York Times Sunday edition and be inspired: click here.