Cool temperatures, vibrant colors, visits to the pumpkin patch, warm and soothing apple cider and sweater weather are coming! Before we jump into the final months of 2018, let’s first say goodbye to summer’s beachy waves and sunshine-blonde tresses and welcome the warm and rich tones of fall. Today, the experts at Element Salon are sharing their top hair trends for this fall and winter, including which cut and color best suits your face shape and skin tone — and how to achieve the look between visits. From cuts to color and everything in between, here are this season’s hottest fall hair trends.


Ally Ericson, stylist at Element Salon, tells us to look out for rich, warm, autumn-inspired tones when considering a fresh color for the season. “I’ve been noticing that color techniques are changing lately,” she shares. “Balayage was everywhere, but now, I’ve been seeing a lot more foil and balayage combination work being done.” This results in an on-trend color that is deeper at the roots and tends to lighten through hair with an almost mesmerizing combination of both highlights and lowlights. It’s a technique that Ally has fallen in love with. “Especially when you keep all the depth of color at the root with either a root drop or smudge as this will allow you to go longer between appointments because you won’t have to deal with the foil lines as hair grows.”

With regard to fall cuts, Ally says the lob (long bob) is a staple style for the season, and for good reason. It’s that just-below-the-shoulder, chic cut that’s long enough to allow for several styles, yet short enough to look sophisticated and polished when given that effortless bend or wave. Ally also encourages clients to take advantage of their natural texture this season. “Fall means less humidity, so now is the time to accentuate your natural texture,” she explains, “and braids, effortless texture and the lob are all staples for the autumn season.”

Hair trends

Here you can see how the root smudging allows for the depth of color to be concentrated near the roots with lighter blonde pieces scattered throughout.

hair trends

For brunettes, Ally says that rich, warm, autumnal tones are the major color trends we’ll be seeing this season.

hair trends

The lob is the hottest haircut of the season. You can see here how it brings focus to the face and lightens up the entire look.


Winter calls for more innovative colors and structured cuts. “Instead of pushing the cool tones to their limit for the winter, pearl and champagne tones are a great trend for the later part of the year,” Ally tells us. For brunettes, Ally suggests opting for rich, deep browns with some darker caramel balayage while she encourages blondies to not see warmth as a bad term. “Keep all your blonde, but add that root smudge for added depth, and go for more of a ‘buttery’ blonde that can carry you through the end of the year,” she explains. “There is nothing wrong with wanting to be an ashy tone in the winter, but I’m seeing a rise in the champagne blonde trend, which is a cool blonde with some slightly warmer undertones.”

When considering a cut for the winter, Ally suggests going from the lob to the classic bob. “I’ve been seeing a lot of sleek and structured bobs taking over Instagram,” she says. “ They require more maintenance and style time, but definitely make a statement in a world of beach waves.” Another major cut trend for the end of the year is mid-length, layered looks with some curtain fringe — picture ’70s-inspired textured waves and shaggy bangs. Essentially, whether you’re a more effortlessly chic gal who loves soft waves and undone styles or an elegant and sophisticated lady ready to make a statement with a structured bob, you’re in luck! Both are hot trends for the upcoming seasons.

hair trends

For winter, Ally encourages blondes to try out a pearl or champagne tone for a light, bright and beautiful look.

hair trends

Warm, rich caramel-colored hues allow for this brunette to easily transition from fall to winter.

hair trends

For winter, the experts at Element Salon are seeing a shift from the lob to the bob, a more structured cut that stands out in a sea of beach waves.

With all that being said, it’s still difficult to know what style or color will look best on you. As far as color goes, Ally tells us its quite simple to choose the right shade. Those with cooler skin tones have more of a pink undertone that looks best with cooler hair tones, like a pearly blonde. Warmer skin tones look best with richer hues and added copper and golden shades. Neutral skin-toned gals get the best of both worlds as they can go either way!

Face shape, on the other hand, can get a bit more complicated, but the important thing to know is that each cut is highlighting the key parts of the face while balancing the face shape. For example, if you have a round face shape, mid-length to long hair will help elongate your face, and adding layers will give angles and structure to your look. Consider your face shape, what aspect you’d like to highlight, which parts you’d like to conceal, and go from there. Element Salon offers fabulous stylist consultations that discuss personal skin tone and face shape to aid you in your decision.


One question we always ask our expert stylists is how to achieve the look between visits. After all, there’s nothing worse than coming home and realizing you’ll never be able to create that fresh-from-the-salon look on your own. Ally explains that since hair and the scalp tend to get drier during the colder months, it is important to change up your at-home regimen. “For dry scalp issues, Kerastase has a great shampoo in their Specifique line called Bain Vital Dermo-Calm,” she tells us. Out of the 86,000 salons in the United States, only about 1,500 carry Kerastase, making Element one of the only exclusive spots where you can get your hands on this miracle-working shampoo.

If you’re in need of a treatment, Element Salon offers a Kerastase Fusio Dose treatment, which is an instant treatment that’s customizable to your hair. Choose between four bases, nutrition, strength, densifying or shine, and add boosters for a personalized treatment that will last up to 16 shampoos.

hair trends

As the end of the year brings a drier scalp, consider changing up your at-home regimen to ensure you can accomplish effortless waves like these at home.

Lastly, Ally shares three insider tricks on how to create beautiful locks at home. First, she suggests to use dry shampoo as a preventative rather than a solution. “Add dry shampoo to your hair right after you style or before you go to bed to prevent greasy roots before the oil even starts to form.” Secondly, use an Invisibobble. “These hair ties are a life saver,” Ally says. “They don’t cause creases or that dreaded ponytail bump if you decide to throw your hair up.” And lastly, try sleeping in a messy bun. “I sleep in a messy bun, and when I wake up the next day, all I need to do is brush my hair out, add some Elixir Oil to my ends, and I’m good to go!”

And there you have it — the top hair trends for next season, what cut and color will look best on you and a few insider tips from the experts at Element Salon. Now go forth and take on fall and winter with swoon-worthy locks!

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