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Every year something breaks at my house ON THANKSGIVING DAY. Dishwasher. Oven. Disposal. They’ve all broken in the past 5 years … precisely on Thanksgiving day. Picking up the meal is looking mighty tempting as I wonder what will break this year.

If you are tempted to ditch the dirty dishes that come from hours (or days) of prep, here are some options to consider.

*If your company is not listed, please let us know if you have a Thanksgiving special menu and we will make sure we include it next year.

StyleBlueprint Thanksgiving Table setting

Imagine only worrying about your place setting this Thanksgiving… image from our Thanksgiving table setting post last year.

Bros Cajun Cuisine:

Bros has been saving people from the perils of frying their own turkeys for well over a decade, as I ordered one 15 or 16 years ago. Definitely a tasty alternative to the baked turkey and will free up your oven. To order call 615 329-2626. For more on the fried turkeys: click here.

Cajun Fried Turkey: $65

  • Available October 15th thru Dec 24th
  • Injected with onions, bell peppers, Cajun seasoning, fried in peanut oil
  • Average Size 14-16 pounds (pre-cooked weight)
  • Vacuum packed with foil warming pan and reheating instructions
  • Ready to heat and serve
  • Pick-up at the store only

Corner Market:

All orders must be placed by telephone before Saturday Nov 23, 2013. Call 352-0527. Orders must be picked up after 12:00 noon on Wednesday Nov 27, 2013. For more information, click here.

Thanksgiving Special, $100, serves 4-6 people

Includes everything in the “Thanksgiving Dinner” plus your choice of two sides, 12 homemade yeast rolls and one dessert (add $8 for apple pie). Or, you may order a la carte.
Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Whole Roasted Turkey, 12 lb average, $80 (serves 10-12)
  • Roasted Turkey Breast sliced, $12.99/lb
  • Traditional Cornbread Stuffing, $13.99 for 32 oz (serves 6-8)
  • Homemade Gravy, $7.99/pint
  • Fresh Brandied Cranberry Orange Pecan Relish, $6.99/half pint
  • Haricots Verts, Shallots & Shitake Mushrooms, $12.99/lb (serves 4-6)
  • Mashed Potatoes, $13.99 for 32 oz (serves 6-8)
  • Roasted Autumn Vegetables, $10.99/lb (serves 4-6)
  • Candied Sweet Potatoes, $13.99 for 32 oz (serves 6-8)
  • Corn Pudding, $13.99 for 32 oz (serves 6-8)
  • Squash Casserole, $14.99 (serves 6-8)
  • Butternut Squash Soup, $12/quart (serves 3-4)
  • Homemade Yeast Rolls, $7.99/dozen
  • Lattice Top Apple Pie – $25
  • Sweet Potato Pecan Pie – $18
  • Pumpkin Pie – $16
  • Fudge Pie – $16

The Clean Plate Club:

All orders must be placed by Friday November 22nd. Pick-ups are scheduled for Wednesday, November 27th before 2pm. Delivery available upon request at an additional cost. For more information, click here.

Feast price is $220.00 (feeds 8 to 10 people)

  • Roasted 12 to 14 pound Hormone-Free Turkey
  • Pan Dripping and Sage Gravy
  • Fresh Cranberry and Orange Relish
  • Homemade Herb and Cornbread Stuffing
  • Assorted Breads

Comes with your choice of two sides:

  • Herb Roasted Root Vegetables
  • Homemade Mac & Cheese
  • Traditional Creamed Potatoes
  • Sautéed Red Cabbage with Granny Smith Apples
  • Corn Pudding
  • Sautéed Green Beans with Sweet Onions


  • Homemade Chocolate Cake – $22 each
  • Coconut Cake – $25 each
  • Pumpkin Cheesecake – $27.50 each
  • Pumpkin Pie – $12,
  • Lemon Buttermilk Pie – $12
  • Fudge Pie – $12
  • Sweet Potato Pie – $12

A La Carte:

  • Roasted 12 to 14 pound Hormone-Free Turkey -$60 each
  • 20 to 24 pound Tom Turkey – $85
  • Spiral Cut Honey Hams (feeds 15-18 people) -$60 each
  • CPC’s Famous Spiced Fruit Tea – $10 per gallon

The Food Company:

They have enormous menu of yummy items for your Thanksgiving table. It’s simply too exhaustive to list everything here, but they do have a Thanksgiving Special that we want to highlight. For the complete holiday catering menu, click here.

Thanksgiving Special, $99.  Serves 4-6 guests.

With this special pricing, no substitutions please.
  • Balsamic Orange Turkey Breast
  • Spiced Orange Cranberry Sauce.
  • Traditional Bread Stuffing
  • Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes
  • Peppered Gravy
  • Green Bean Casserole
  • Yeast Rolls

The Chic Pea Catering Company:

There is a $10 delivery fee on all orders. Deliveries will be made on Wednesday, November 27. Order deadline is Saturday, November 23. This menu includes the largest selection of items here today, which explains the higher price. For details, click here.

Prix Fixed menu, $450. Serves 8-10 guests

PF MENU includes your choice = 2 appetizers, 1 bread, 1 salad or 1 soup, 1 Main, 3 sides, 1 sweet. 

Apps: a la carte $40

  • Goat cheese bacon wrapped dates (GF)
  • Mushroom puff pastries
  • Sausage balls (GF)
  • Caramelized onion, date & goat cheese crostiniBreads: ala carte $20/doz.
  • Yeast rolls
  • Cheese & chive drop biscuits (GF)
  • Roquefort pin wheels

Salads: a la carte $30

  • Cauliflower white bean and feta salad (GF)
  • Fennel grape salad (GF)
  • Quinoa w/orange, beets & pomegranate (GF)
  • Kale salad w/dried cherries, Marcona almonds, shaved red onion, apple & parmesan vinaigrette

Soups: a la carte $30/2 Qts.

  • Butternut Squash Soup (GF)
  • Creamy potato leek
  • Cauliflower soup w/ shaved parmesan & crispy bacon

Mains: a la carte $170
Apple cider brined turkey breast with herb gravy

  • Roasted citrus herb turkey breast (GF)
  • Mama’s cola glazed ham (GF)
  • Rosemary-garlic pork tenderloin (GF)

Sides: a la carte $40

  • Sweet potato casserole (GF)
  • Mac & cheese
  • Creamy gorgonzola polenta (GF)
  • Buttered peas w/ roasted onions and mint (GF)
  • Roasted Brussels sprouts w/ shaved parmesan, Marcona almonds & red onion (GF)
  • Broccolini with pecan brown butter (GF)
  • Marjoram molasses carrots (GF)
  • Garlic mashed potatoes (GF)
  • Roasted root vegetables (GF)
  • Savory mushroom-leek bread pudding
  • Cornbread stuffing (GF)
  • Orange-pecan cranberry sauce (GF)

Sweets: a la carte $30

  • Pumpkin cheesecake
  • Pumpkin pie
  • Pecan pie
  • Pear Galette
  • Apple Galette
  • Gingerbread loaf (2)
  • Peppermint Brownies (1 doz.)

Beverages: a la carte $15/gallon

  • Rosemary punch
  • Orange mint iced tea
  • Mulled cider

Copper Kettle:

Deadline for Thanksgiving orders is Friday, Nov 22, 2013 with pick-up on Wednesday, Nov 27th between 2-7 p.m. Each item will be served in a pan that you can keep refrigerated and warm when needed. Each pan will serve approx. 12-15 people. To order, and for more details, click here.

Holiday Pick Up Menu: all items are a la carte

Main Dish

  • Roasted Turkey and Gravy – $60/half pan
  • Extra Gravy $5.99/quart

Side Dishes: serves 12-15 people each. $27/side.

  • Green Bean Casserole
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Glazed Carrots
  • Turnip Greens
  • Macaroni & Cheese
  • Pepper Jack Macaroni & Cheese
  • Smoke Gouda Macaroni & Cheese
  • Roasted Squash & Tomato Casserole
  • Sweet Potato Casserole
  • Corn Bread Dressing
  • Buttered Corn
  • Broccoli Casserole
  • Black Eyed Peas


  • Pecan Pie – $24
  • Pumpkin Pie – $18
  • Apple Pie – $18
  • Banana Pudding – $28.50
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Parfait – $28.50
  • Pumpkin Parfait – $28.50
  • Southern Style Bread Pudding w/Jack Daniels Sauce – $35


  • Apple Cranberry Chutney – $7.35/pint
  • Spiced Pecans – $6.25/pint
  • Cranberry Vinaigrette Dressing – $8.25/pint

Hors D’eouvres: ach is a minimum order of 12-24 at $1.50 per piece.

  • Coconut Encrusted Goat Cheese Cakes served with Cranberry Vinaigrette
  • Grilled Lime Marinated Shrimp
  • Almond Encrusted Cheddar Cakes served with Apple Cranberry Chutney
  • Stuffed Potatoes with Boursin & Basil Stuffing
  • Stuffed Potatoes with Carmelized Onion & White Truffle Goat Cheese

Turnip Truck:

The Turnip Truck will have plenty of Thanksgiving sides available. The order form is online for you to print out and fax in. Or, drop by the store. Orders must be submitted no later than 3 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2013. For more information, click here.

Each side dish serves 4-6 people. All can be made vegan, upon request. Pies can be made with GF crust upon request.

  • Cranberry Sauce, $7.99
  • Oyster Cornbread Dressing, $14.99
  • Vegetarian Cornbread Dressing, $12.99
  • Rosemary Mashed Potatoes, $12.99
  • Roasted Root Vegetables with Orange Ginger Glaze, $12.99
  • Green Beans with Mushroom Béchamel Sauce, $12.99
  • Brussels Sprouts Gratin, $12.99
  • Classic Pumpkin Pie, $9.99 (add $2 for GF)
  • Chocolate Pecan Pie, $12.99 (add $2 for GF)

Arnold’s Meat and Three:

Deadline for orders is Friday November 22nd. Pick up is Tuesday 26th or Wednesday the 27th. Each item will be served in a pan that can be refrigerated and warmed with the instructions provided. For an order form, with all the goodies below, that you can email back or drop off, contact [email protected].


Meats are sold by the pound. One pound will serve 2 people generously.

  • Roast Beef: 10-12 lbs $94; 20-23 lbs $188
  • Sugar Cured Ham: 9-10 lbs $56; 18-20 lbs $105
  • Smoked Brisket: $13/lb (3 people per lb)


Medium serves 8-10 $19; Large serves 15-17 $28.50 

  • Green Beans
  • Turnip Greens
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Mac & Cheese
  • Corn Pudding
  • Squash Casserole
  • Candied Yams
  • Fried Apples
  • Corn Bread Dressing and Gravy


Pies are 8 inches yielding 8 slice; $19.20

  • Chocolate Pie with Meringue
  • Caramel Pie
  • Chess Pie
  • Chocolate Hot Pepper Pie
  • Pecan Pie
  • Sweet Potato Pie


Puddings come in Medium ($30/12 servings) and Large ($48/24 servings)

  • Bread Pudding
  • Banana Pudding

Whole Foods:

Also, check out Whole Foods for an HUGE menu selection: click here.


Cheers to nothing breaking at my house or yours this Thanksgiving!

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