It didn’t take long for community members to band together and help tornado victims, and now a group of individuals is showing up for those affected by the current health crisis. Tennessee Action for Hospitality formed earlier this week, and the group is working tirelessly to help individuals in Nashville’s hospitality industry.

Tennessee Action for Hospitality logo

Tennessee Action for Hospitality is making strides to protect Nashville restaurant owners, chefs and hourly employees. Image: Tennessee Action for Hospitality

The group came to fruition after members of Nashville’s restaurant industry exchanged some text messages. With the state of the world constantly changing, it was important for the organization to come up with a message for Tennessee legislators efficiently. In just a few days, members drafted a letter to Governor Bill Lee asking for immediate emergency unemployment benefits, 75 percent pay for unemployment, the elimination of payroll tax, support in the reduction of rent, loans, sales tax and LBD tax payments, insurance companies to cover lost revenue, a cash stimulus package and fewer restrictions on alcohol sales.

“This is a vital moment for our state and industry workers, Governor. We ask that you help us in protecting our workers and our chefs and our industry at large. The need is immediate and the action required should be swift. As our elected official, we beseech you to move quickly alongside us to lessen the damages we foresee as imminent. We trust that you will help us make these bold moves for those in need in their immediate time of need, before it is too late to rectify,” the letter states.

Visit to write a letter in support of its initiative, receive more information and read the full letter to Governor Lee

Jobs Available NOW

In addition to the Tennessee Action for Hospitality, Kroger is also creating initiatives for individuals who lost jobs due to the recent health crisis. The store recently announced its plans to add more jobs in almost all of its locations and will expedite the hiring process so workers can start as soon as possible. To apply, visit



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