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Glance around your house. Are your wastebaskets an interesting complement to your home’s decor, or are they shabby also-rans lined with plastic shopping bags from Target?

Upon further inspection, this is a TJ Maxx bag.

For those of you who had the pleasure of hearing the Charlotte Moss lecture at the Antique and Garden Show, you may remember how she closed her presentation by railing on our propensity to disregard wastebaskets as part of our home decor. In Charlotte’s opinion, wastebaskets are as important a room accessory as lamps, pillows and tchotchkes.  But for some reason, according to Charlotte, we think it’s okay to plunk down any old basket and call it a day. With no regard for style or sensibility, our trash cans pale in comparison to other home accessories.

Charlotte Moss, a dedicated trash master!

True to Charlotte’s word, notice the lovely wastebasket under the desk. Source: Veranda Magazine

Is this penchant for drab, uninspired waste receptacles merely a regional affliction or is it, perhaps, more widespread? And what about the economy? Are our tiresome trash bins a reflection of a collective, recession-induced malaise? Charlotte didn’t say. Frankly, it’s all rubbish if you ask me. Her commentary on our lackluster trash collectors did get me thinking, though. If I gave my home the trash test, I’d only score about a 5 out of 10 when it comes to chic, statement-making cans. But here’s the thing. It’s not that I don’t want nicer wastebaskets. It’s just that the decorative, lovely-to-look-at ones are not that easy to find.

Smelling a challenge (or was that last night’s salmon en croute?) and armed with a sense of purpose, I headed out to see what I could find.

One of the best selections in town can be found at Harpeth Gallery.

Harpeth Gallery specializes in gifts for every occasion.


The scalloped edge makes this wastebasket so interesting.

This is a perfect basket for a bedroom or bath from Harpeth Gallery

Wastebaskets make unusual gifts, perfect when you’re looking for a gift for that hard-to-buy-for person. (With the royal wedding only two weeks away, I bet Kate and William will probably score some cute ones.)  Here is a classic linen wastebasket with a single monogram from Ballard Designs.

I think Kate could get some use out of this one, Ballard Designs ships to the UK.

Fabu is one of our favorite stores for eclectic and unusual items.  Owner Sarah Boyce says these wastebaskets can be specially ordered and are some of her best sellers.

what a great gift for a recent grad–UT anyone?

The classic look of a mirrored wastebasket is timeless.


Finally, it is time to show you a recent find from TJ Maxx in Brentwood.

This one looks more expensive than it is!

If you need an arts and crafts project for your kids, grab this one from TJ Maxx and add your own stencils.

This was customized by my daughter Leigh.

It’s time to say adios’ — time to take out the trash. Pickup is on Wednesday on Whitland Avenue.


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