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For those of you out there who haven’t experienced Marathon Village, you’re in for a real treat. In fact, there’s so much going on in this historic landmark and former home of long-defunct Marathon Motor Car Company, that we plan to devote a few more posts to help you navigate one of Nashville’s hot beds of cool. In a short stroll around Marathon Village, you’ll find Bang Candy Company, Antique Archeology Nashville, Corsair Distillery, Otis James , Emil Erwin and Lightning 100. And while you’re there, if you want to have some good old fashioned fun, New Orleans “Nawlins” style, you have to check out Moonshine Nettie.

Meet Nettie. She’s the inspiration behind Moonshine Nettie.

Moonshine Nettie is the newest resident of Marathon Village, but not the last, and certainly, not the least.

When you arrive at Moonshine Nettie, you’ll be greeted by lots and lots of tutus.

Here’s the skinny on Nettie:

Sisters Pat and Sonya Ferguson originally ran a store called Ragin’ Daisy, which was located on Chartres and Dumaine in the French Quarter. They were a somewhat legendary pair, as far as local residents were concerned. Pat muses, “We’re just a couple of girls who love tutus, pantaloons and having fun.”

The Ferguson sisters are the real deal. As their calling card states, Moonshine Nettie offers glitter, rhinestones and rock n’ roll.
Photo credit: Ben Mosley

Following the BP Oil Spill, the sisters packed up their bags and headed north. They simply threw up their hands, having survived Katrina and its aftermath. The slick just took them down. Nashville had always been a place they loved, so why not set up shop here, they reasoned. Believe me when I say, New Orleans’ loss is our gain. One visit to their store convinced me that these girls are something special.

Their newest shop is named after their grandmother Nettie, who was some kind of gal to hear the stories. Slicker than Bonnie, faster than Annie, Nettie was smarter than most women of her time.

Sonya displays her mom’s handcrafted coats. Jimmie Brasher must be something else. Not only did she raise two creative daughters, she spent her life in nursing.


If you’re feeling frisky, these slips are guaranteed to do the trick. These are also Jimmie Brasher designs. Leave it to Mom when it comes to sultry and sensuous.

Located in a quaint bungalow, Moonshine Nettie offers a hint of burlesque, lots of glitter and stories galore. Not only is granny on the front door, Pat and Sonya’s mom crafts her own original (va-va, voom) slips and jackets.  

At each turn, there’s a tale behind the merchandise they sell. But the best story is the story of the namesake of their store, Nettie. Nettie, Pat and Sonya’s grandmother, was known to be a ferocious bootlegger. It’s not that she was into booze, but rather, she was into making some cold hard cash. She was one of Mississippi’s most savvy business woman, and she found her niche in the dry counties around Greenville, MS, and didn’t look back.

These vintage earrings can be found in the portrait of Jimmie Brasher that adorns the walls of Nettie’s. Many of the family members are displayed in small photo labels.


Meet Jimmie Brasher, mom to Pat and Sonya, and gorgeous in her glittered frame and red lips.

As Pat told me, the whole family – aunts, uncles and other kin – were into restaurants, bars and selling the magic elixir that was in high demand. Everywhere you look in Nettie’s, you’ll find a nod to their beloved New Orleans and family, from Mom’s slips, to vintage earrings, exclusive perfume lines, and one-of-a-kind accessories. Frida Kahlo would leave her tomb for this place!

Who can resist this lovely hair adornment. I couldn’t!


Just so you know, the eyes light up in the scull fascinator. These beauties were made by “Conchita,” a Shreveport native.

If I have piqued your imagination, there’s more to see!

These purses are made by a woman who upholsters cars and boats. Durable to say the least, most of these bags are lined in leopard and velvet. I scored one in pink!


Ladies, apparently everyone in New Orleans wears panteloons to jog in, grocery shop and weed their gardens. Who knew lace and ruffles could be so versatile.



In Los Angeles, Lime Crime is a huge hit. Moonshine Nettie is the first store in the south to carry the line. (If you want to check out their blog, click here.) Another score for Moonshine Nettie is Hove perfumes. Located in New Orleans, Hove was started in 1931 and they only select one store per state to call their own.

Besame mimics your grandmother’s cosmetics. This line includes lipsticks and powders.



Worth noting is this shirt by Ellie Monster. She also moved her operations up from New Orleans to relocate in a factory in Germantown. Made from vintage shirts, her designs are priced from $55-$65.

This line “Stacey loves Liam” fashions reclaimed sweaters into hats and gloves. Once a punk rocker, now a mommy, Stacey still rocks!


Nashvillians think this ring is a cicada, but scarab beetles were worshiped by Ancient Egyptians as a sign of an earthly symbol of heavenly cycles.

Moonshine Nettie is located on 615 14th Street. Marathon Village may be hard to find the first time, so be sure to use your GPS! The treasures found here will keep you coming back time and time again! For more information about this kitschy, cool store, visit their Facebook page:


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