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If ever there was a post written where  pictures tell the story, this one is it . I have had so much fun, camera in hand, shooting the simply gorgeous cakes, cookies and candies offered by shop owners in our fair city.  When I walked in to ask, “Do you mind if I take a couple of pictures?” everyone enthusiastically showed me their trays and trays of delicacies.

Alas, this is a tough job because I wouldn’t feel right if I wrote about how good something looked, without conveying how good it tasted.  We have choices, lots and lots of choices of where to buy and what’s tasting good.  While all of you may fit nicely into your cute red dress this Valentines, mine is gonna be a little tight.  Take a tour with me of what I found behind the counters.


The owner of Provence, Terry Carr-Hall, is one of Nashville’s visionaries as he brought real butter, cream and chocolate to our  city.   You can’t find a better croissant in town, not to mention the tiramisu, scones and chocolate ganache.  I remember hearing a story about a women who went into Sweet and Sassy asking for her child’s birthday cake to be made with real butter.  The woman behind the counter looked at her blankly and said, “We don’t do that.”   Nothing against Sweet and Sassy, as I am one of their dedicated customers, but Nashville has come a long way.  We needed Provence in this town and Terry delivered a phenomenal bakery to us.   Here is what Provence is offering:

If you do not like chocolate, try Provence’s carrot cake

chocolate message cake from Provence


Juanita Lane of Dulce, is both a character and an amazing baker.  She creates works of art everyday in her small shop in Edgehill with a sense of humor and dedication which is impressive.  Juanita basically sold the farm to start her business and to her absolute credit, it has been an amazing success.   I took my daughter Leigh in with me and after chocolate macaroons with butter cream, a cupcake and Valentine’s cookie, we waddled out.  Juanita has never met anything with buttercream she didn’t love.  As you may guess, I am in cahoots with her on that one. YUM.  Here what you can find at Dulce:

Beautiful works of art from Dulce

Dulce Delights


We love Kateelayne cookies and cupcakes.  They graciously supported our consignment sale, and since Liza is gluten intolerant – along with so are many others – Kateelayne fills an important void in Nashville.  Yes, in case you didn’t know, Kateelayne provides Nashville with an amazing baker who makes allergy-free and now, gluten-free, goods.  This means everyone is happy.  We like happy.  I sampled their cookies while trying on a pair of Prada shoes at the consignment sale and found both delicious.  In fact, the cookies were the first thing to disappear at the sale and I even overheard someone comment, “I have finally found what sugar cookies are supposed to taste like.  These are amazing.”  Plus, these cookies are always appropriate for kid functions where food sensitivities and allergies abound.

Forgive the finger smear on the upper left hand corner. It tasted gooood!

Katy’s Hallmark

I had to include Katy’s Hallmark because their chocolates are divine.  Nashville has an oversupply of Godiva, with even Steinmart selling Godiva these days.  But, Katy’s is the only place I know in my immediate neighborhood that sells handmade chocolates.  When I am feeling wicked (a phrase used often by Ann Shayne of MasonDixon Knitting), I treat myself to one of Katy’s caramels with milk chocolate.  Last night I popped in and the place was bustling with Valentines shoppers.  I love the chocolates called Fudge Love, one of their best sellers.  They have tons of cute items for kids and lots of fun candies besides chocolates.  Oh – if you really want to see Ann Shayne and her partner, Kay Gardiner in a wicked way, check out their new video, Grey Garments. I think the cat ate the chocolates.

Have a piece of Fudge Love from Katy’s Hallmark

If you would like to check out some offerings from The Cocoa Tree paired with wine from The Wine Chap, click here!

I would love to hear from you on where you buy your sweets for your sweeties.  We will soon be writing about the two new candy shops in Nashville: Diana’s Sweet Shoppe and Buzzy’s  on Belmont Avenue in the next couple of weeks.

Happy Valentine’s Day


Liza and Elizabeth

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