We’ve updated our wardrobe for summer with bright colors and patterns, new dresses and sandals, but what about our homes? Don’t they deserve a little makeover, too? Now that you’ve done your spring cleaning, reorganized the pantry and donated all of the clothes you no longer wear, it’s time for a home refresh! From copper kitchen accessories to indoor plants and metal flowers, we’ve gathered 14 items to give your space pops of color, shiny accents and earthy elements. It’s time to liven up your home with a fresh sweep of new items from the local shops we love!

Gardening essentials

Bring out your green thumb and garden like a pro with these floral clippers and essentials from AshBlue. Made with thermoplastic elastomer handles and Teflon coated carbon steel blades, these clippers will have you designing floral projects like a professional florist. They are ideal for trimming flowers, pruning plants or cutting herbs and vegetables. Grow these non-GMO edible flower seeds in your own garden for a burst of color and flavor. Mix and match mini geometric pots around the home to bring greenery to your space. These Floral Society edible flower seeds are $28, the floral clippers are $56, the mini geometric pot is $20 and the 2″ plant is $3 at AshBlue.

13 Ways to Refresh your Home for Summer

Edible flower seeds, $28; floral clippers, $56; mini geometric pot, $20; 2″ plant, $3, at AshBlue

Floral servers

This summer, we’re serving up our strawberry-pecan salads in style. The wooden texture of these serving pieces gives a down-home feel that will still elevate any dinner party. Plus, the flower handles add a touch of spring to your salad (or dish). Use these during your next garden party, and your guests will surely be impressed. Find these floral servers for $34 at Raine.

13 Ways to Refresh your Home for Summer

Floral servers, $34, at Raine

Caladiums in rose glow

We are after an abundance of color this season, so we went to the one place that has more plants than you could imagine: Bates Nursery and Garden Center. We fell in love with the color and unique shape of the caladium leaves. The texture and the bleed of the pink immediately caught our eye. Place them right by your windows so you can catch a glimpse of them every day! These rose glow annuals are $5.99 per pot.

13 Ways to Refresh your Home for Summer

Caladium in rose glow, $5.99 per pot, at Bates Nursery and Garden Center

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White marble and gold serving pieces

White marble is something we’ll never tire of! With many upcoming wine nights, best paired with charcuterie boards, we wanted a display that was pretty and effective for sharing – and we found the perfect one. We paired it with a gold accent plate and spreading knife for cheese and crackers. Shop this white marble lazy Susan for $62 and gold accent plate for $12 at COLOR.

13 Ways to Refresh your Home for Summer

White marble lazy Susan, $62; gold accent plate, $12, at COLOR

Flower jewelry box

Inspired by the flowering trees, this brass, marble and white enamel jewelry box is part of The Dogwood Collection by Michael Ara. He writes, “I wanted to capture the drama and beauty of the dogwood tree as I remembered them from my childhood. There is something significant and tender about the mix of bronze branches and soft-hued blossoms.” This is not just a jewelry box … it’s a work of art that can be used in various ways and in numerous spaces throughout the home. Pick it up today for $125 at Corzine & Co.

13 Ways to Refresh your Home for Summer

Flower jewelry box, $125, at Corzine & Co.

Square wreath

We found a unique way to bring the outdoors inside! This square succulent wreath is unlike anything we’ve seen before. Hang it on a wall or on your front door, or stand it up on the mantle with a chain easel. The piece will not only be a conversation starter, but something to treasure all summer long. Shop the wreath for $99.95, the easel for $24.95 and other plants and accessories at Rebel Hill Florist.

13 Ways to Refresh your Home for Summer

Succulent wreath, $99.95; easel, $24.95, at Rebel Hill Florist

Octopus dish

We’re bringing the ocean to us this summer with hints of marine life all around the home. We fell in love with the shiny, gold accent on this dish and how it elevates a table display. It could be used for holding small rings, a spread for the dinner table or as an accessory on the coffee table – endless options! Wherever you choose to put it, you’ll definitely want it somewhere for all to see. This gorgeous find is $175 at MarketPlace Interiors.

14 Ways to Refresh your Home for Summer

Octopus Dish, $175, at MarketPlace Interiors

Cactus planter with stand 

We’re always looking for new and unique ways to add greenery to the home. This cement faux cactus planter and stand is a fun way to spice up a corner or give height to a tabletop display. Cacti never go out of style, and, even better, you won’t have to worry about taking care of this faux plant. Find it for $26, stand included, at OAK Nashville.

13 Ways to Refresh your Home for Summer

Cement faux cactus planter with stand, $26, at OAK Nashville

PaddyWax candles in reusable vessels

PaddyWax scents are already out-of-this-world, but when poured in these reusable, hand-painted vessels, they quickly become our favorite candles on the market! Stack them or mix and match for a cute coffee table arrangement. Once they’ve burned all the way down, use the jars and bowls as jewelry holders, organizers or anything your heart desires! The candles range in size and scent from $12 to $23, the Verto round gold tray is $29, and the hand-blown, blue recycled glass is $10 at Merridian Home Furnishings.

13 Ways to Refresh your Home for Summer

PaddyWax candles, from $12 to $23; Verto round gold tray, $29; hand-blown, blue recycled glass, $10, at Merridian Home Furnishings

Terracotta and pineapple vases

We love decorating with ceramic jars because they’re so versatile. Add them to a bookshelf, a mantle or the coffee table. You can use these terracotta and pineapple pieces as vases or accents on the counter. These vases will give your space that summertime feel — any way you style them! Shop the terracotta vase for $22 and the pineapple vase for $32 at TWO for Home.

13 Ways to Refresh your Home for Summer

Terracotta vase, $22; pineapple vase, $32, at TWO for Home

Copper home accessories

Copper kitchen accessories are a trend we’re definitely on board with. We especially adore these Moscow mule cups and pitcher from The Kitchen Nashville because they are made of 100% recycled copper and handcrafted in Santa Clara del Cobre by local artisans. They’re the perfect way to add glimmer and shine to your countertop. Find this Sertodo Copper Moscow Mule 12 oz. cup, sold as a two-piece set, for $65.95 and Sertodo Copper Bisotun Pitcher for $149.95 at The Kitchen Nashville.

13 Ways to Refresh your Home for Summer

Sertodo Copper Moscow Mule Cups, set of two for $65.95; Sertodo Copper Bisotun Pitcher, $149.95, at The Kitchen Nashville

Coffee table book

This best-selling book is one we’ll browse through time and time again. Filled with inspiration, City Farmhouse Style by Kim Leggett steps inside unique homes from New York to California and everywhere in between. Showing us how to create a farmhouse feel within an urban setting, Kim gives many tips on how to embrace one’s own eye for design. “And, I just couldn’t resist sharing my favorite ‘pickin’ holes with y’all, so in the last chapter, I spill the beans on all the best haunts.” says Kim. An autographed copy of the book, filled with ideas and special spots to shop for your home, can be purchased for $35 at the City Farmhouse store in The Factory at Franklin.

13 Ways to Refresh your Home for Summer

City Farmhouse Style, $35, at City Farmhouse in The Factory at Franklin

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Boxwood topiary display

Some days, it’s way too warm to be sitting on the back deck, so we’re bringing the backyard inside with these mini boxwood topiary pots. This chipped box is such a cute and original way to display them, too. The 16″ boxwood topiary is $40, the 20″ is $49, and the wooden box is $29 at GasLamp Antiques.

13 Ways to Refresh your Home for Summer

16″ boxwood topiary, $40; 20″ boxwood topiary, $49; chipped box, $29, at GasLamp Antiques

Large accent pillows

Sometimes all a room needs is a small change in its accent color to make it feel brand new. And large pillows are our weakness when home shopping because they can do just that! These pillows range from $172 to $225 at Ashley Meier Linens | Interiors.

13 Ways to Refresh your Home for Summer

Large accent pillows, from $172 to $225, at Ashley Meier Linens | Interiors

Happy decorating!


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