Do you fall asleep every night with visions of sugarplums dancing in your head? If so, Sugar Dive is for you. This family-owned shop in Green Hills truly is the sweetest thing in Nashville. I frequently allow myself to indulge in sweets, so imagine my joy when I discovered this candy mecca that is covered wall-to-wall, floor to ceiling with candy. It is every candy lover’s paradise. From classics, to Nashville favorites, to new candy inventions such as 10 inch tall, 5 pound Gummy Bear, there is something to satisfy every sweet tooth craving out there. The bright and cheerful ambience draws you in, but the candy selection makes it nearly impossible to leave.


Sugar Dive is located where Zelda used to be, across from Noshville Deli. (Zelda is now next to Bradford’s)


Fill tins like this with all of your favorites!

Everyone has their favorites, but Sugar Dive can really yank you out of your candy comfort zone in the best way possible. The diverse assortment of candy can be tossed together in a create-your-own candy tin. Some items that will be favorites for all are: the wall of Jelly Bellys, Taffy, Rock Candy, Mega Candy Bars and Christie Cookies (just to mention a few). Carissa and Tim Pereira have worked hard to combine their love of everything sweet and everything family by creating a place where everyone can enjoy both. Slip into this candy utopia and let all of your problems melt away.


Owners Tim & Carissa

Not into candy? What about milk shakes? With these low temps it is hard to imagine seeking out a cool, smooth shake piled high with a plethora of toppings, but I am already dreaming of the days when I can grab a chair out front and slurp down a magical creation I can call my own. The exterior of the building is just as colorful and lively as the interior. The Adirondack chairs will entice you in to let hours slip by while you hangout with friends. Good luck deciding between Sugar Dive’s signature shakes. I would have to do a coin toss to chose between the King James, which is a shake with alternating layers of ice cream and toppings, and the Neighborhood Shake, which is made with your choice of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream topped with a Christie’s Cookies crumble. Other chilly treats to try are Icee’s, malts, and specialty sundaes.

During this polar vortex we are currently experiencing, I chose to explore the selections of coffee, tea and hot cocoa. Their coffee bar, with several varieties, is another great alternative to candy. Since I already prepared my body for a mass intake of sugar I opted for the Sugar Dive Hot Chocolate. Follow my lead and grab a hot beverage, cuddle up in the booth and drift away into a sugar coma. I promise, you will not regret it.


Even the booths are adorable.


Sugar Dive is a hang out for kids and adults alike. Be sure to snag a patio seat on a pretty day to have coffee with a friend. And, free wifi is here to make work extra easy.

As if the candies, soda counter, frozen treats and coffee are not enough, this vintage sweet shop is a celebration destination. Make any event a little sweeter by hosting it in the private party room. The whole second floor is a dedicated space for any birthday, event or get-together that needs a little flavor. While the party space maintains the traditional candy shop feel, it is customizable for any occasion. The wooden benches and colorful décor would make any guest of honor feel like the Queen or King of Candyland. Host a “Just Plain Fun Party” with decorations, crafts and goody bags or jazz it up and add-on desserts, food, face painting and more. The theme of the store continues — your options are endless.


Sugar Dive pulled out at the stops for Caroline’s party!

Sugar Dive_SBGuide_partyroom_1-14

This party room is simply magical. Inside scoop: ask them about using it for a ladies scrapbooking day or when extra space is needed for your next board meeting.

Of course we are in Music City, and thankfully Sugar Dive embraces Nashville’s roots by hosting live music and open mic nights for kids of all ages. What better destination to encourage kids to showcase their talent? This will soon be a regular event and if last week’s kick off is any indication of what’s to come, it will be the hottest night in town for anyone 21 and under. The stage, tucked away between stacks of candy, is the perfect place to let go of any stage fright and belt it out. Be sure to stay updated by checking out their Facebook page for any upcoming events.

Sugar Dive_SBGuide_Stage_1-14

Kid dreams will come true on this stage.


Check out the handcrafted soda counter

Candy does not discriminate. This is a place for folks of all ages. The throwback candies will take you back to better days of scabbed knees and Big League Chew bubblegum. The nostalgic trip down memory lane will draw you in and before you know it your basket will be filled with Moon Pies, salt water taffy, Haribo gummies and jaw breakers. Sugar Dive is the perfect setting to spend some quality time with family and friends.



We have all been behaving ourselves and following our New Year’s regimens so closely, I think we deserve to treat ourselves. Grab your family and allow every candy dream to come true. The Spring Break Diet can wait.

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