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As T.V. series are returning to the air, (An overdue welcome back Mad Men and yippee The Office starts soon!) we are beginning our own series of weekly blogs on what to wear to specific Nashville social events.  We get to talk about local charities and local fashion all wrapped together…our bliss.  Each post will also feature an “If I walked into this store with only $100, what should I buy?” item.  If you would like us to write about your event, don’t hesitate to let us know!

Real quick – why are we doing this?

Because so many people email us asking about what they should wear!  (We secretly love that, btw.)  We have all been at a party with a nice cocktail dress on and seen some over-the-top rhinestones flash by secretly thinking, “Ooh, that’s just a little over the top for my taste.”  Translation:  “Honey, you’re waaay over-dressed and everyone in the place knows it!”  Black-tie has lately been left for an even broader interpretation.  I love to see a man in a tux and women in long dresses, but let’s face it, many opt for a short dress and the black-tie optional formal suit, saving lots of money and fashion headaches.  The little black dress (LBD) is a fashion phenomenon because is it truly DOES go everywhere.  Yes, it’s a little boring and terribly safe, but the embarrassment of the wrong outfit is a far greater fashion faux pas.  But, unless it is STELLAR, we will try to step outside of the LBD box for this series of posts.

The Event: The Mad Hatter Ball at the Parthenon, September 12th at 7PM

The Cause:  The Rape & Sexual Abuse Center.  For more information go to

The Chairs: Deana Day-Cartee & Nancy Benskin

The Attire: Cocktail Party

The Fashion Police: Cotton Mill, the Perfect Pair and Monkees.

Some fun fashion ideas for the Mad Hatter Ball….

Outfit #1

Gorgeous Diane Von Furstenberg dress in silk for $345

Bcbg Courtney in nude for $225

BCBG Courtney in nude for $225, Monkees

Outfit #2

Nanette LePore off the shoulder @ $398

Nanette Lepore off the shoulder for $398

The back is fab too!

The back is fab too!

Pair with a Camilla Skovgaard shoe in black with buckle for $395

Pair with a Camilla Skovgaard shoe from the Perfect Pair for $395

Outfit # 3

Pleated dress by Catherine Malandrino at $545

Pleated dress by Catherine Malandrino for $545

What a gorgeous pleated back!

What a gorgeous pleated back!

Metallic heel from Kate Spade & Monkees for $298

Metallic heel from Kate Spade & Monkees for $298

Next, we asked the Cotton Mill Collection to select one item for $100 or less that is a MUST HAVE for your fall wardrobe. Since jackets of all kinds are a must, especially with lots of texture and tweed, and they are being tied up with belts, the Cotton Mill selected this Hobo belt for $94.

 The hobo belt is a versatile addition to this fall's season

The hobo belt is a versatile addition to this fall’s season


The Cotton Mill Collection

The Perfect Pair


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