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mothers-day-2009-024Do you feel “pounced on” every time you walk through the make-up counters of a department store? By the time, I make my way through the wafts of perfume, overly made up salesgirls and clinicians in white coats, I’m about done!

My first introduction to Bridgit Fitzgerald was via email since she is an independent make-up consultant at Neiman Marcus in Washington D.C.  She publishes an updated “What’s New in the Beauty World”  email.  I was blown away by her detail and wealth of knowledge about the pros and cons of what’s available to us: and believe me, it’s a ton.  What’s great about Bridgit is she doesn’t rep one specific line so she is totally unbiased in her assessments.

Bridgit has offered to add StyleBluePrint readers to her email list (this is not automatic; you need to email her) and will take personal phone calls from you.  Since Neiman Marcus offers incredible sales on a periodic basis, Bridgit’s emails will inform you of those dates.  See her email and phone number at the bottom of this posting.  Think of her as our own Neiman Marcus connection for Nashville.

Describe your background and how it influenced your career.

I traveled extensively as a child and spent a lot of time in Europe, so fashion and aesthetics have always been important to me.  On returning to the United States, I went to Atlanta and got a degree in fashion merchandising.  Early in my career I managed a small clothing store.

How I got into the cosmetic world is a bit of a fluke. When I was 23 years old, I decided to work during Christmas at Bloomingdale’s Cosmetics Department where I ended up staying eight years. The end result was that I received a phone call from Neiman Marcus to come join them; I have been at Neiman’s Mazza Gallerie in Washington, D.C. ever since.  At Neiman’s, I am based in the Cosmetics Department and work with each and every cosmetic company.

I also do personal shopping throughout the store which allows me to live vicariously through others.(smile)

What qualities to you have that make you good at what you do?

I have an incredible eye for color.  Also, I’m a good listener and am very intuitive.  I can usually sense what my customers want and need.  Many customer relationships have turned into beautiful friendships.

Name an early mentor.

My earliest mentors were some of the older women at Bloomingdale’s who took me under their wings and showed me the ropes.  After being in this business for 30 years, I can do the same for those young girls. But hopefully,I don’t look like one of those older women.

When it comes to make-up, what are some mistakes women make?

First of all, an eyebrow pencil that is too dark and blush that is too bright.  Many of those mistakes come from women not being able to see well, so it is important to use a good mirror in good light.  It is very important to use good skincare because no amount of makeup will look good on dry and dehydrated skin.  You want a fresh, healthy glow.

One more pet peeve, long fingernails.  They are out!

What is the one thing women can do on an ongoing basis to make themselves look younger?

Again, it is good skin care.  Always make sure to use sunscreen, exfoliate and use serums!!!  Serums make a huge difference because they really penetrate and give the skin a boost.

Stay current. Don’t get stuck in a time warp.

One more thing, exercising will always make your skin look fresher and younger, not to mention make your body fit and healthy.

Name 5 key things that women need for this summer:

  • I love Sisley’s Sunleya.  It is the most luscious summer crème containing an SPF of 15 and loaded with antioxidants.  It is very light and smooth to the touch.  I would highly recommend Sunleya as your daily summer moisturizer.
  • Orlane makes the most fabulous firming arm crème to tighten up creepy, jiggly arms and is great on knees, too.
  • Laura Mercier makes the absolute best mineral bronzing powder.  Be sure to use this with their white tipped brush for the perfect bronze look.
  • Self tanners to give pale, pasty skin that added extra glow.  Bliss A Tan for All Seasons is one of my very favorites, along with La Prairie’s self tanner for face and body.
  • A great cleanser to dissolve all of these fabulous summer bronzing products is Erno Laszlo’s Beta Wash.

Can you give us a funny story that has happened in your career?

I have several funny and ludicrous stories that I won’t mention here, but perhaps the most exciting story is when Princess Di was visiting Washington, D.C.. I was the fortunate one who got to wait on her and as luck would have it, we were out of stock on every item that she chose.  I had also just come from the dentist, recuperating from jaw surgery and could barely speak because I was so full of Novocain.  When I spoke, I felt like I was snarling.  With that being said, she was gorgeous and gracious.

What is the greatest new makeup trend?

Definitely, mineral powders.  They are lightweight, give beautiful coverage, easy to use and have sunscreen built right in them.

The new innovative product?

I would say Glowelle which is a beauty drink for the skin, hair and nails which along with helping with smooth soft skin gives you a huge boost of energy.  It is loaded with tons of antioxidants.  It is important to take care of beauty from the inside out.

What is an extravagance that makes me happy?

Having my personal trainer and getting massages, along with my Botox (smile).

Name three things you can’t live without:

  • Chocolate
  • The ocean
  • Sunshine

Bridgit Fitzgerald
[email protected]
Phone: 202.966.9700 Ext.  2236

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