Entrusting someone new with your strands can be scary. When you find a stylist you trust, you can sit in the chair with ease and rest assured you will leave looking and feeling your best. But what happens when an unexpected event pops up and your stylist can’t fit you in (for that quick touch-up), their prices are no longer in line with your monthly beauty budget, they’re not quite achieving your new pixie cut, or (gasp!) relocates? There’s a simple solution: the team approach. It is this approach that separates Style House Salon as one of the top salons in town and ensures that a good color and cut is guaranteed — whether it’s with your regular stylist/colorist or someone new at the salon. Along with salon owner Lee Wright, stylists Krista Hatcher, Holly Osborne and Abbie Addotta discuss the things you need to know about seeing a new stylist at the salon you love, which doesn’t mean you have to start over and endure the getting-to-know-you phase of haircuts/colors.

These talented stylists know your hair deserves only the best, and their expertise will help you navigate your relationships at Style House Salon.

“There are many clients who only want to see the stylists they’ve been going to for years. But we also have clients who really enjoy getting to visit with other stylists in the salon”, says owner, Lee. “We are supportive of whatever approach makes them happy. It’s all about creating the best experience for our guests and making sure that their visit is spectacular from start to finish. The salon as a whole works together and we are all supportive of each other. Because, “If we build each other up, we all do better!”

TESTIMONIAL: Style House Salon client Ruth Coppeans
“Style House is like a family. I’ve seen Lee for years. Now, I see Krista who was trained by Lee. She is the Kerastase Ambassador, so I know I’m always getting the best home care recommendations. I have seen almost everyone there at various points for blowouts or last-minute needs. Everyone is kind and helpful and works together seamlessly.”

The stylists at Style House Salon take a team approach so you a good cut is guaranteed, no matter which stylist you see.

Finding someone new doesn’t mean starting over.

Style House Salon stylists keep detailed notes on each of their clients in their database, including the formula for your perfect hair color, so you don’t have to worry about starting completely fresh with a new stylist. Your original stylist will share insight into your hair, so the new stylists have background information going into your consultation. “We give each other as much information as possible,” Holly says of their team approach. “For example, if I have a highly customized process on a client, maybe their hair doesn’t lighten as easily, or it doesn’t follow the normal rules — I will share that in my client notes.”

Stylists share notes on clients so you can rest assured the details of how to make your hair look perfect are well-kept!

It’s a collaborative environment.

“It’s common for our stylists to pull in another team member to brainstorm your color formula and get fresh set of eyes before completing your service. The salon’s team approach creates a collaborative environment the stylists love. If you are ever uncomfortable, please tell someone. There are so many hands here, and we can help reassure you or take things in a different direction,” Lee says.

You can ask for recommendations on new stylists.

Your current stylist is giving you the best cut you’ve ever had, but not they’re not quite nailing your color. What do you do? When you are ready to make your next appointment, let the front desk know you are interested in trying out someone new at the salon for your color. They can provide recommendations for stylists based on your hair goals, budget and schedule availability. You can also read the team bios to get to know each of the stylists and make a request.

The people at the front desk can match you with the best stylist to meet your needs (and budget).

Stylists don’t take it personally — your happiness is what’s important.

All of Style House Salon’s stylists are professionals. “A lot of clients are worried they may hurt our feelings by seeing a new stylist, but that is never the case,” Abbie tells us — and the other stylists all agree. “When Abbie, who has been in the industry for almost 20 years, was on maternity leave she matched her clients with stylists while she was gone,” Holly says.

TESTIMONIAL: Style House Salon client Julia Matthews
“Abbie is my go-to girl, but when our schedules conflict, it is so reassuring to know that I’m in great hands with Holly.”

“We want you to be happy and love your color/cut,” Holly says. “If you are happy, that is all that matters.”

Seeking out a different stylist doesn’t have to be awkward and it’s certainly not wrong. Everyone at Style House Salon wants the best for you and your hair!

Communication is key (and pictures are welcomed).

“We want to know how you feel about your hair and what challenges you have with it,” Lee explains.“It is the stylists’ responsibility to gather all of the information and make sure you are on the same page.” All of the stylists agree that they love pictures of hair inspo or, better yet, your hair at a time when you thought the cut or color was perfect.

Consultations are part of the process. They love hearing from you. Don’t be shy in telling them what you like, dislike and how you want your hair to look.

Communication is the best way to achieve a look you love, be it a new cut or fresh color.

Different stylists come at different price points. And you can go to different stylists
for different services.

At Style House Salon, there are seven levels of pricing that are based on the stylists’ experience. There are options for every price point. Some stylists may fall outside of your monthly beauty budget. It may also mean that the stylist you could once afford has gotten a promotion and will, therefore, increase their pricing. But, they will ALWAYS discuss this with you before changing pricing on you, and recommend another stylist should you be interested in staying at a specific price point.

Style House has multiple people who are Certified in Balayage and hair color, a L’Oréal Professional Artist and Educator, an Extension Specialist, Makeup Artist and more. Additionally, since Style House is an “al la carte” salon, you can stick to your go-to stylists for high-stakes services, but visit a more affordable stylist for trims or root touch-ups.

“I have several clients who come to me for color but go to different people for haircuts or blowouts,” Lee shares. “Several new salon clients have come to me for a color consult, but their budget is ultimately more in-line with a level-one or level-two stylist, so I put together a plan and do their hair the first time, then recommend another one of our stylists for their color maintenance. And when they are ready for a color change they may choose to come back to me for that visit“

TESTIMONIAL: Jordan Jones, Style House Salon Client
“Because of my work schedule, I can’t always prebook my next appointment with Holly. When I’m in need of a quick touch-up, I usually see Emilee, one of Holly’s trusted coworkers! They have my formula stored & I always feel great when I leave because Holly always walks over to say Hi.”

Thanks to Style House’s a la carte options, you can see one stylist for cut and one for color.

Thanks to the team approach, Style House Salon delivers top-notch services and a delightful experience in the chair. Don’t leave without your at-home hair care regimen as they carry high-end products by Kerastase, Shu uemura, Baxter, Serie Expert and more.

Style House Salon is located at 2210 Crestmoor Road, Ste. 3, Nashville, TN 37215. To see how you can enjoy the team approach to your hair care, visit stylehousesalon.com.

This article is sponsored by Style House Salon. All photography by Leila Grossman.