Did you know Stitch It makes custom-made shirts?  As often as I’ve been in there to get something altered, I’ve missed the obvious staring me in the face.  You see, when you go into Stitch It, arguably one of the most professional alterations shops in Nashville, you can’t help but see this shirt on display:


But, since I’m always in “alterations mode,” I have just thought, “Yes, shirts look better when altered.”  I completely missed the fact that Stitch It makes those higher-end custom shirts that men absolutely LOVE.  By the way, women are realizing that custom-made is the way to go to ensure that perfect blouse as well.

Elizabeth gets fitted for her perfect blouse.


In case you, too, are one to stare the obvious in the face and miss it, now you know too.  Tell your husband.  Perhaps he can drop by all those alterations and items with missing buttons while he is there ordering his new shirts.

Jay, Liza’s husband, getting measured for his new shirts. After experiencing the difference in custom shirts a few years ago, he is anxious to take advantage of our deal.

Stitch It

3912 Hillsboro Circle
Nashville, TN 37215
(615) 292-3008