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This holiday season, give the gift of a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime. Schedule an appointment and receive $500 off Invisalign treatment at Gluck Orthodontics, now through January 31, 2017. Call 615-269-5903 today to schedule an appointment.

Invisalign is not the same Invisalign we were first introduced to 17 years ago. In fact, today older kids are even getting Invislign, saying goodbye to the days of middle school and high school students needing to suffer with metal mouths … and torn up lips if you’re an athlete and take a charge or an elbow to the mouth.

But, back to simply wanting straighter teeth as an adult. Tell the truth, if you could make one simple change to your appearance that would subsequently give you more confidence and a renewed sense of joy in life, would you do it? Seventy-eight percent of adults who took part in a 2016 Harris Poll did just that — made one simple change. They got their teeth straightened as adults using Invisalign, and according to that poll, they have the confidence to do things they otherwise wouldn’t have done. It’s not vanity … it’s the confidence that comes with your beautiful smile.

Invisalign emerged on the teeth-straightening scene in 1999 as a ground-breaking alternative to metal braces, but the “invisible” braces company is currently undergoing a bit of a rebranding. The early promotional materials raised the question of whether an individual was a good candidate for the treatment, suggesting that some, if not most, people weren’t. “The ‘Are you a candidate?’ question has been perpetuated for the last 15 or 16 years,” says Dr. Jonathan Gluck, son of long-time Nashville orthodontist Dr. Joel Gluck, and also the newest team member at Nashville’s Gluck Orthodontic Specialists. “But the technology behind the product, as well as the expertise of the doctors providing it, has improved such that we’re now able to treat patients with much more severe problems than were able to be treated in the past.”

Nashville Invisalign: Dr. Joel Gluck with a happy Invisalign patient | Image: Gluck Orthodontic Specialists
Dr. Joel Gluck with a happy Invisalign patient | Image: Gluck Orthodontic Specialists

With upgraded technology comes a more comfortable experience for patients. And while there are plenty of orthodontists and even dentists who offer Invisalign, Dr. Jonathan Gluck underscores the importance of seeking the treatment from a board-certified orthodontic specialist, which both he and his father are. “The consumer needs to know how important it is to get a specialist. Many dentists are doing orthodontics and don’t have the training,” he says. At Gluck Orthodontic Specialists, they do more than 250 Invisalign procedures each year, earning the practice the distinguished honor of being the only “Invisalign Top 1% Provider” in all of Tennessee. “Think of it this way,” Dr. Gluck adds. “Would you go to a general practitioner to get heart surgery? You would never do that.” Good point.

So why Invisalign?

There are other clear alignment products available, and there are orthodontic practices that will sell those options as though they are Invisalign, charging the cost for the real thing when what the patient is actually getting a sub-par product. “They tell you that it works the same,” explains Dr. Gluck, “but the difference between Invisalign and every other clear aligner product is a vast amount of research and development, as well as support for the doctors.”

So is it time to align? If you’re ready to get your pearly whites in line, and you’re wondering if you’re an Invisalign candidate, the answer is yes. You are. “It’s like looking under the hood of your car,” Dr. Gluck says. “A lot of people have no idea what’s going on in their cars, just like they have no idea if their back teeth are rotated four or six degrees. But they know if they’re happy with their smile once they’re finished.” And that’s something everyone deserves — to be happy with their smile, and the confidence that brings.

Schedule an appointment with Gluck Orthodontics and receive $500 off an Invisalign treatment, now through January 31, 2017. Call 615-269-5903 today to schedule an appointment. See for more details on Gluck Orthodontics, located in Green Hills.

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