November 14th is a big Fashion Day.  Knock off royalty H&M is launching its new collaborative line with none other than shoe-to-the stars designer Jimmy Choo.  There has been lots of press about this venture and most of it has been full of praise.  And, while I really love to write all things positive, I must take the not-so-praise-worthy route here.  While I was originally wishing to take a quick Southwest trip to Chicago on Saturday to witness the madness–and then write about it for this blog- I’d rather save my money.  If I’m going to open up my wallet, I’d rather spend it on some fun local art this weekend (more about that later.)

A Great Pair?

Jimmy Choos….known for beauty, quality and a big ol’ price tag.  My first thought about this H&M collaboration was excitement.  But, I want to point out to you the things that now give me pause:

1) All the Jimmy Choo’s for H&M shoes come with this warning:

Remember that shoes with leather soles are more vulnerable to water.  We recommend that you replace the sole and the top piece of the heels before using the shoes.

Really? Pay $99-$149 for shoes and practically $300 for boots and you have to go and have the soles and top piece replaced right away…BEFORE USING?  Is this any indication about the quality of the rest of the shoe?  You can’t help but wonder.

2) The RULES for buying the collection have me feeling more claustrophobic than the thought of spelunking. Click here to read RULES…you may have to click the “skip intro” to see these rules.  Have you read them?  Are you as panicked as I was?  NO WAY JOSE will I be near that mob scene!

3) Ok- kill me, but I think they look costume-y and cheap, at least from the pictures. Compare these H&M/JC shoes to the real McCoy.

4) Pura Lopez, available at Monkee’sand Camilla Skovgard, available at Perfect Pair are beautiful shoes that have a price tag at about 1/2 or 2/3 less than a Jimmy Choo, but still embrace the beauty of a shoe like a work of art.

All the following real JC’s were found on Ebay for comparable prices as the H&M shoes…well one is a bunch more but I couldn’t resist!

Jimmy Choo’s

Ok- So these are still high, but half the original price. $650 buy it now price. But, Ohhhhhh, soooooo preeeeeeety! size 7.5

Click on shoe to go to sale.  Size 8.5 Buy it now price is $185.90

Click on shoe to go to sale. Size 8.5 Buy it now price is $185.90

These Jimmy Choo size 8's sold last night on Ebay for $275

These Jimmy Choo size 8’s sold last night on Ebay for $275

And the H&M Jimmy Choos:

$129, but remember to add the cost of replacing the soles and top of the heel!


Pura Lopez & Camilla Skovgard

Pura Lopez

Camilla Skovgaard

Camilla Skovgaard

So, H&M, I’m taking my money elsewhere…Perhaps the next collaboration will be better.  I’ll show you where my money is going this weekend:

Watkins Student Art Show

I’m a huge believer that great art is what you, as an individual, respond to.  Take a trip to our fabulous Watkins School of Art this weekend and you may just set your eyes on a piece that makes your heart skip a beat.  All art is at Yard Sale prices.  Bring a toy for the Student Government Toy Drive.  Watkins is located at 2298 Rosa Parks Blvd., Nashville, TN.

Cindy Wunsch

Whimsical and happy.  Cindy Wunsch multi-media art is fun and full of life…with a price tag that makes you able to give into your desires.  Stop by 1000 Faces in Hillsboro Village on Friday night, November 13th between to see what all the fuss is about.  Then wander down to one of the Hillsboro Village eateries and window shop along the way.  Grab a cab and for just a moment you may think you actually were able to take that Southwest trip out-of-town…..Cindy Wunsch Art

Christmas Village

Still wondering what to do this weekend? Embrace the impending Holiday Season with Christmas Village, at the Tennessee Fairgrounds and Making Merry in Berry Hill.  With all these fun things, you just may be able to stay on a budget and cross gift buying off your list!

Have a great weekend,

Thank you for reading,