We’ve not been ignoring you. We’ve read all the emails. We’ve just been BUSY. But, I finally did drive down to Sopapillas in Franklin to discover my future. I can look into my crystal ball and tell you that from now on, twice a month I will be found here. It’s delicious and exactly the type of eatery I’ve been longing for in Nashville. I will also continue to beg Steve, the owner, to open another location closer to my house, so I can eat here every week.

Sopapillas is located just south of the intersection of Franklin Road and Moore’s Lane. Just over a year old, it is under a second expansion. A few months ago they extended the bar area, and now they are adding a private dining room that will accommodate up to 30 people. Although perfect for business meetings, I foresee many an adult birthday party being booked in this new room.

The ambiance, with stone walls, wooden beams and gas lanterns, is cozy and warm. There is no mariachi band music being piped in, and no cacti to be found – thank goodness. This is upscale southwestern fare, and it works as well for a date night out as it does for a family gathering. I went with two of my children, grabbed take out for my husband and give it two enthusiastic thumbs up…way up.

Note: Forgive the iPhone photos in today’s post. It’s hard to scout new restaurants on the down-low if I start snapping photos with my big Canon Rebel. Only after the fact, when I’ve determined that the place is going to get a post, do I tell them who I am and what I’m up to!

Our two appetizers

The free salsa and chips was our first confirmation that this restaurant was worth the drive. A larger-than-expected bowl of salsa arrived and proved tastier than any other free salsa in town. (And I know my salsas.) Since we were here to EAT, we ordered two appetizers: the trio of dips and the shredded chicken quesadilla. Yum.

Our server, Adam, couldn’t have been nicer. Not one to hover around or ignore us, he was kind to my kids and gave me opinions about the menu items when asked. I want opinions when trying a new place, so it’s always a plus when the server is armed with plenty. (So, thank you, Adam!) Following his suggestion, I decided to try the Skinny Margarita. I’ve been burned on skinny margaritas several times and was naturally wary, but the one at Sopapillas rocks. Although it arrives in a martini glass, it’s not a frou-frou drink. It’s tastes like a regular margarita, only with far fewer calories.

The Skinny Margarita

While my goal, ultimately, is to work my way through the menu, on this first visit at lunch, I ordered the Baja Tacos made with Mahi Mahi. Delish. My daughter ordered the shrimp quesidilla with bacon and cheese. And my son, always one for the same adventure, had cheese nachos.

Baha Tacos

Shrimp and bacon quesadilla

The meal ended with a basket of sopapillas. Normally, I avoid delectable flour-based treats like these, given that gluten is my nemesis. But, by this point, I’d had the margarita and decided to roll the dice. “What the heck,” I thought to myself, “I’m going to suffer through a stomachache and possible headache and try these.” (More bonus points: Sopapillas has a gluten-free menu!) One bite and, OH MY GOSH. The sopapillas, served warm with honey are so good they will haunt my dreams and make me wish for a gluten-filled life.

Amazing. Warm sopapillas – in case you were wondering where the name came from.

I guess if the free salsa and free sopapillas are that great, you can imagine how good the food you actually pay for is.


Last thought:


As I was leaving, I ran into Monkee’s owner, Elizabeth Broyhill. She had driven south just for Sopapilla’s cucumber margarita and said, quite emphatically, that it was the best margarita she’s ever had, hands down. I tried hers. Very tasty. Click here to see what she has to say about this lovely libation.


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