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Yellow gold has been the trendsetter’s metal of choice for several seasons, but as predicted by Spring and Summer 2021 runways, silver is making its comeback. Dainty rings, bracelet stacks, and layering necklaces are this year’s most fashionable ways to dip your toe into the silver jewelry trend pool. We’ve rounded up a few favorite silver bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings made by small Southern businesses, all of which are available on SB Shop. Take a look!

SB Tip: If you have cool-toned skin, silver, platinum, and white gold jewelry will enhance your skin tone. If you’re unsure if you’re warm-toned or cool-toned, look at the veins in your wrist. If they appear more blue, you’re cool-toned. If they appear more green, you’re warm-toned. If you have a deeper skin tone, try standing in front of a white background and looking in a mirror. If red and warm brown colors are enhanced by the white background, you’re warm-toned. If tan or grey colors are enhanced, you’re cool-toned.


Light, thin-layered necklaces with small pendants are one of this year’s top trends. Pair some layered necklaces with a simple white t-shirt to effortlessly elevate a casual look, or wear them with your current favorite sundress to add understated sparkle.

Here, we’ve pulled together three dainty silver necklaces ideal for layering. The Carden Avenue ‘Mega Links’ necklace ($268) measures 16 inches and is available in sterling silver (or gold-filled, if you prefer). We suggest layering this with the Carden Avenue ‘Silver Medallion’ necklace ($98 by itself or $375 as a set). Additionally, the Strings For Hope ‘Reina’ necklace ($40) is great for layering or as a singular statement piece.

Carden Avenue link bracelet

Shop the Carden Avenue ‘Mega Links’ necklace, $268, here. Image: Carden Avenue

Carden Avenue silver medallion necklace

Shop the Carden Avenue ‘Silver Medallion’ necklace, $98, here. Or shop the ‘Mega Links’ and ‘Silver Medallion’ set, $375, here. Image: Carden Avenue

Strings For Hope Reina necklace

Shop the Strings For Hope ‘Reina’ necklace, $40, here. Image: Strings For Hope

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The layered necklace look is making its way to wrists as well. Stacked bracelets, especially with delicate, petite pieces, offer sophistication and give the illusion that you put in a little extra effort. We love a silver bracelet set with a simple black blouse or dress or with any jewel-toned piece you have in your closet.

This stacked bracelet set pairs the Carden Avenue ‘Small Links’ bracelet ($78) with the best-selling ‘Collins Cuff’ ($88) for sophisticated simplicity. Shop them as a set ($168) here.

Carden Avenue bracelet set

Shop the Carden Avenue ‘Small Links’ and ‘Collins Cuff’ bracelet set, for $168, here. Or shop the ‘Small Links’ bracelet separately, for $78, here, and ‘Collins Cuff’ separately, for $88, here. Image: Carden Avenue


If earrings are your jewelry of choice, bars, huggies (small hoops), and infinity hoops of all sizes are great go-to’s for any occasion. We love how each adds an element of personal style and enhances your skin, hair, and eyes without being a distraction.

The Carden Avenue ‘Whit’ earring ($42) is the definitive everyday accessory. The small sterling silver bar hangs just slightly below the ear and offers a touch of edge. The Strings For Hope ‘Voyage’ earring ($29) elongates that bar to dress up the look a bit — and each Strings for Hope piece is made from recycled musical strings, so your earring has a rich history of its own. Finally, the Carden Avenue ‘Audrey’ hoop ($48 to $88) is the perfect ultra-thin infinity hoop, available in whichever size suits your preference.

Carden Avenue Whit Earring

Shop the Carden Avenue ‘Whit’ earring, $42, here. Image: Carden Avenue

Strings for Hope Voyage Earring

Shop the Strings For Hope ‘Voyage’ earring, $29, here. Image: Strings For Hope

Carden Avenue Audrey Hoop

Shop the Carden Avenue ‘Audrey’ hoop, $48 to $88, here. Image: Carden Avenue

To dress up your digits a bit, opt for a dainty silver ring on multiple fingers or stacked on a single finger for a unique-to-you look. Each of these Strings For Hope rings ($14 to $26) is made in their Nashville studio by a survivor of addiction, domestic violence, or sex trafficking.

Strings for Hope rings

Shop the Strings For Hope rings, $14 to $22, here. Image: Strings For Hope


Take everything you’ve heard about wearing only gold or only silver at once and throw it out the window. Mixing metals is the trendiest way to play with the best of both worlds and get creative.

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This Amy Wells Designs ‘The Courtney’ necklace ($75) features a sterling silver hammered matte circle on an adjustable matte gold chain, while the ‘Sweet City Woman’ necklace ($115) adds extra shine with a sterling silver pendant. The OMI Beads ‘Mixed Metal’ Set ($120) combines silver and gold beads of various sizes and forms to create the coolest bracelet set to wear all at once or to break up and wear in your own unique way. And the Strings for Hope ‘Voyage’ necklace ($38) features a stainless steel v-shaped piece on a thin 16-inch 14kt plated gold chain.

Amy Wells Designs 'The Courtney' necklace

Shop the Amy Wells Designs ‘The Courtney’ necklace, $75, here. Image: Amy Wells Designs

Amy Wells Designs 'Sweet City Woman' necklace

Shop the Amy Wells Designs ‘Sweet City Woman’ necklace, $115, here. Image: Amy Wells Designs

OMI Beads Mixed Metal bracelet set

Shop the OMI Beads ‘Mixed Metal’ Set, $120, here. Image: Carolina Sharpnack

Strings For Hope Voyage necklace

Shop the Strings For Hope ‘Voyage’ necklace, $38, here. Image: Strings For Hope

Shifting to an all-silver jewelry wardrobe can be intimidating, especially when you’re unsure when the trend pendulum will swing back to previously popular metals. We suggest opting for one or two small pieces and seeing how silver enhances particular outfits. And, because silver is the perfect metal for winter, you’ll already be ahead of the game.

We hope you’re inspired to try some new silver jewelry!


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