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The name Seersucker Candy Co. might ring a bell, as Food & Wine recently named it The Best New Candy from 2015. If you missed that, though, let us introduce you to Seersucker, a line of classic Southern candy — reinvented.

Scott Witherow created Seersucker Candy Co. as an extension of Olive & Sinclair, the popular local chocolate brand. While Olive & Sinclair focuses on — and masters — bean-to-bar chocolatier-ing, Seersucker Candy Co. crafts candies and confections that fall outside Olive & Sinclair’s world of brittles, caramels and chocolate bars. The success of Olive & Sinclair, founded and owned by Scott,  coupled with his long-time love of all things sweet, facilitated his entrance into a new sphere of confections. Although not all of the items you will find under this line are chocolate-oriented, the ones that are will still use Olive & Sinclair’s chocolate; the others will be crafted with the best ingredients, sourced by Scott and his team.

We don’t pity the plight of every man, woman and child who steps into Seersucker’s recently opened storefront on Main Street in Franklin. In fact, we envy it. Shoppers face the challenging decision of which confections to indulge in. Our best advice? Try them all.

The first three confections produced by Seersucker Candy Co. are centered around a chocolate sphere. The Original is filled with a salted chocolate ganache, reminiscent of warm days at the beach; Muzzle Loader, which Scott refers to as a “manly” confection, is filled with salted bourbon caramel; and Cherry Bombs pays homage to Scott’s grandfather, who could always be found eating cherry cordials. Scott found the traditional version of this candy too sweet, so he pickled the cherry, covered it in a buttermilk fondant, finished it with dark chocolate and dusted the sphere with cherry powder. We can attest to the fact that the results of all three are mouthwatering.

Origional, Muzzle Loader and Cherry Bombs

Seersucker Candy Co.’s first three confections are the Origional, Muzzle Loader and Cherry Bombs.

Seersucker Candy Co. origional

The Original is made using 75 percent cacao dark chocolate and finished with Mediterranean sea salt.

Cherry Bomb

The Cherry Bomb is made with pickled maraschino cherries coated in buttermilk fondant and finished with dark chocolate. | Image: Seersucker

The endless possibilities are what make Seersucker such a fun and exciting venture for Scott; there are no limits to the scads of high-end confections they can explore under the brand’s umbrella. Already, you can expect to encounter myriad flavor combinations. Here are a few we tried: blackberry cabernet; orange marmalade with a light, soft, coffee ganache; peanut butter (made with roasted Alabama pecans) and jelly; flight of bourbon — different bourbons are used to infuse caramel (I had the pleasure of trying a caramel infused with 12-year-old bourbon); and their spin on a bacon bar: bacon jam in a bonbon. Although Scott was hesitant to combine chocolate and bacon, he is very pleased with the end result.

Seersucker Candy Co. confections

Each high-end confection explodes in your mouth with outstanding flavor combinations.

Seersucker Candy Co. candy box

Build your own box of flavors.

Seersucker Candy Co. brings a bit of sweetness to the Franklin community and Scott, a resident of downtown Franklin, is thrilled to have a presence in the area. At their Main Street storefront, you will be welcomed by antique shelving installed to house Olive & Sinclair brittles, bars and caramels, as well as the packaged Seersucker products. Behind a sheet of glass, an array of chocolates and sweets catch your eye, and they’re as stunning as they are delicious.

Seersucker Candy Co. and Olive & Sinclair

Olive & Sinclair goodies are offered at Seersucker’s storefront and vice versa!

Seersucker Candy Co. and Olive & Sinclair

Bourbon and brittle make for a winning combination.

Seersucker Candy Co. and Olive & Sinclair

Olive & Sinclair made a name for itself with its bean-to-bar methods, resulting in delicious chocolates.

Seersucker Candy Co.

The thoughtful packaging is designed after phonography tubes.

Seersucker Candy Co.

Scott has an affinity for not only sweets, but also aged bourbons. We are glad to see this translate into the flight of bourbon confections he has thought up.

Seersucker Candy Co. is located at 306 W. Main St. in Franklin. Learn more and find out about their special open house hours at


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