I know.  It’s summer so there are supposed to be seashells everywhere to summer-ize your decor.  But over the past year, there has been a stronger than previous focus on sealife in home decor and it’s even crossed over onto the fashion plate.  I’ve said it before, but every room can use a nod to the sea.  Just a little something.

all available at Anthropologie.  $88- $298

For $99 at Pottery Barn

Galvin Shell Large Micrometer from Beckwith Interiors.  $120.00 (online or at Nashville showroom)

I had to show this other display from Pottery Barn just to get your creative juices running!

Look at this fabulous shell table available at The Iron Gate in Franklin. They also have the most extensive collection of coral I have seen in the Nashville area.  I mean, really, just look at all the coral you can see in this one picture!  Drop by for prices.  This is one of my FAVORITE stores in all of middle TN.

This starfish bracelet, which I ADORE, is available at The Perfect Pair on Bandywood.

J McLaughlin has some of the most flattering dresses. This one, with coral and starfish, is one of the many examples you will find. This print is also available in a halter style dress which just screams complete fun.  I, in all seriousness, would buy 3 or 4 dresses from this store in the Hill Center if I weren’t on such a dang tight budget!  The material is perfect for hot summer days.

Necklace with coral from Margaret Ellis

Tory Burch, also available in flats, $325

You can get this ENTIRE collection of seashell hairpins for $37 from ETSY site ShellScapes


This box by WS Home winks at the sea as it is covered in stingray leather. Who knew there was such a things as stingray leather? Starts at $196

$38 from WS-Home

From Margi’s Chair and Chair alike on Bandywood.  This cross is large and impressive. This store also has some great shell boxes and picture frames.

Paper weights at AshBlue.  They start at $35.

Local Artist Maggie Troutman has such a way with shells that it is hard not to feature several of her works.  The last three pictures feature her work. To contact Maggie for prices, email [email protected]

Isn’t the detail here incredible?

What room wouldn’t be charmed by this collection?

I have no idea how long it takes to create a mirror like this, but I can’t even imagine the patience…

Now is the time to indulge in your own nod to the sea!