We’re back with a new installment of the SB Hot List! From beauty products and home goods to delicious mocktails, summer shoes, and more, StyleBlueprint team members are sharing 12 of their latest and greatest discoveries. Check them out, and give them a try!

Sea & Dune Three-Wick Candle

“This is my absolute favorite summer candle. It transports me immediately to the beach and is by far the best aromatic candle I have ever purchased. You will love it, and it’s also a great hostess gift!” — Amanda Stanfill, Account Executive

Sea & Dune three-wick candle and box
LAFCO New York’s Sea & Dune candle features notes of lemon, coastal lily, blue lotus, and natural seagrass. Image: Amazon

Freedom App

“I recently downloaded the Freedom app. I’m a VERY distractible person, and when I have two seconds of downtime, I tend to reach for my phone and scroll. I really want to stop this habit and give my brain a break. I have blocked several apps from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. I’ve also set up several of them to be completely unavailable during the week and only available after 5 p.m. on Friday through Sunday nights. My goal is to break the social media habit and ‘let me just check the news’ habit throughout the day, as I know I’m wasting so much time. I have yet to set this up on my laptop, but that’s my next frontier. I’m trying to be more intentional with my time and protect my energy, and so far, this is a good start!” Liza Graves, CEO & Founder

Woman in overalls on her phone and laptop outside.
The Freedom app helps minimize distractions on your phone and laptop, blocking specific apps, websites, videos, and games.

Better Than Booze

“If you love cocktail hour but can’t stand hangovers, I highly recommend Better Than Booze. This non-alcoholic drink has a CBD- and THC-infused blend and is perfect for taking the edge off without the negative effects of alcohol. Three delicious flavors are available — Rosemary-infused Grapefruit Paloma, Elderberry-infused Gin and Tonic, and Mint Mojito with Lime — and each one is vegan and gluten-free.” — Mary Breen, Digital Developer

Person placing can of Better Than Booze on wooden side table
Better Than Booze is a line of delicious mocktail drinks, and they recently introduced a selection without CBD infusion. Image: Facebook

Maybe We’re All Diamonds by Ashley Robyn

“I met Ashley Robyn at the ‘Boo Hoo Breakfast’ when we sent our daughters off to kindergarten (now they’re headed to middle school!). And spoiler alert: she is absolutely a diamond! She’s a sparkling, glowing, soulful diamond that I’m proud to call one of my nearest and dearest. But aside from how much I cherish our years of friendship, I’m also inspired by her creativity and continual path to deeper self-awareness and self-love. She recently released her debut novel, Maybe We’re All Diamonds, and I read it feverishly from start to finish. It’s raw and vulnerable and thoughtful. As one Amazon review says, ‘Maybe We’re All Diamonds is a beautiful reminder that we are full of unbelievable resilience and we have the power to rewrite our story whenever we choose.’” — Jenna Bratcher, Associate Editor & Lead Nashville Writer

Copy of "Maybe We're All Diamonds" on coffee table with plant and mug
Maybe We’re All Diamonds follows Ashley Robyn’s journey to embracing the chaos of life and how it leads to true freedom. Image: Jenna Bratcher

Pixi On-the-Glow Bronze

“I recently picked this up at Target and have been loving it. I went for the pink-er shade as it takes care of both blush and bronzer at the same time. The packaging is very satisfying, and the shape fits perfectly across your cheekbones. All you have to do is swipe, blend slightly with your fingers, and you’re left with a subtle, natural-looking, and dewy flush of color.” — Bailey Torkelson, Marketing Manager

Pink Pixi On-the-Glow bronze against a lime background
In addition to adding color to cheekbones and lips, Pixi On-the-Glow Bronze is also packed with vitamins for antioxidant benefits. Image: Target

Giraffe Tools Retractable Hose Reel

“This is probably an unpopular opinion, but watering your plants is FUN. I even hand-water my grass because I love watering things so much. What is probably a very popular opinion, though, is that wrangling a massive hose back into a perfect little roll hanging on the side of the house is absolutely terrible, especially in the summer heat. That’s why I splurged on this retractable hose from Giraffe Tools. It comes in different lengths and a couple of different colors. You will have to make sure your hose isn’t all twisted as it’s retracting, but it is so much easier than manually rolling the hose back up onto the traditional hose hangers. Tip: use a piece of tape to mark how far you need to pull the hose out for different areas of the yard!”— Lauren Cummings, Operations Manager

Retractable hose on the side of a house
This retractable hose reel from Giraffe Tools makes watering your plants a breeze! Image: Lauren Cummings

Blissy Silk Pillowcase

“I received a Blissy silk pillowcase as a gift, and it certainly lives up to its name. This has been a huge game-changer for me as someone with frizzy, curly hair. While it’s a bit pricey for a pillowcase, it’s definitely worth the splurge. In addition to helping maintain flyaways, the pillowcase also reduces sweating, keeping you cool throughout the night. Blissy also has eye masks and headbands, which I want to try next!” — Brianna Goebel, Associate Editor & Sponsored Content Manager

Pink silk pillowcase on a white pedestal
Blissy’s silk pillowcases are made from 100% pure mulberry silk, which helps maintain flyaways throughout the night as well as maintain your skin’s essential nutrients. Image: Blissy

notNeutral VERO Cortado Glasses

“Check out these exquisite VERO cortado glasses by notNeutral, crafted specifically for espresso aficionados. These glasses boast a captivating modern design and are available in an array of cool colors. They are built to last with remarkable durability while offering the ideal size for your espresso indulgence.” — Brandon Smith, Account Executive

Person pouring a coffee drink into a small cortado glass.
notNeutral’s cortado glasses can be used for whiskey and bourbon in addition to coffee drinks. Image: notNeutral

EVA Slide by Birkenstock

“I think every person needs one summer sandal that they can just throw on and wear out the door. This rubber Birkenstock sandal is exactly that! They’re perfect for the lake, beach, and running errands. They’re really comfy, too!” — Katelyn Caughron, Client Relations & Social Media Coordinator

Pair of pink Birkenstock slides
These Birkenstock slides are waterproof, washable, and lightweight, making them the perfect summer shoe. Image: Amazon

Tart Cherry Juice

“I have recently been drinking tart cherry juice before bed, and I have been sleeping like a baby. Tart cherry juice has been shown to improve heart health, promote deep sleep, and alleviate muscle soreness — thanks to the fruit’s abundance of antioxidants and other beneficial compounds. And, it tastes amazing!” — Anne Henley Walker, Content Marketing Assistant & Agency Relations

Bottle of Dynamic Health tart cherry juice.
Tart cherry juice is said to be rich in nutrients, helping increase strength, sleep patterns, brain health, and more. Image: Amazon

Amber Wine Glasses

“I recently ordered these for a friend’s birthday, and now that I’ve seen them in person, I’ll be ordering a set for myself too! The color is lovely, and they’re a less expensive alternative to higher-end colored glass brands, so they’re great for gifting.” — Alissa Harb, Managing Editor

Amber wine glass on dining room table
Made from 100% lead-free crystal, a set of these wine glasses would be a perfect addition to any bar cart. Image: Amazon

Red Bike Coffee Co.’s Ham & Cheese Croissant

“This will only hit for Birmingham locals (or visitors), but I just love the ham and cheese croissant from Red Bike Coffee Co. in Crestwood. It is so, so good! The coffee is also great, but I really cannot tell you how delicious the melted Dijon parsley butter on top is!” — Chelsea Wilhite, Account Executive

Ham and cheese croissant on a white plate
While relatively new to Alabama’s Crestwood neighborhood, Red Bike Coffee Co. is already making a name for itself with its delicious ham and cheese croissant. Image: Chelsea Wilhite

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