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susan kennedy 7 (1)Susan Taylor opened The Beveled Edge at the age of 23. This custom framing store has the reputation of excellence in both quality and customer service. The store just celebrated 30 years of business and now includes an abundance of gift and eclectic home items, including an expanded book section that features hard-to-find coffee table and gift books. With the abundance of Nashvillians with whom Susan has interacted in all her years at The Beveled Edge, we know many reading are just as thrilled as we are to have her join us today as a StyleBlueprint FACE of Nashville!


Opening a store at the young age of 23 is impressive. Where did your passion and inspiration come from?

I moved to Nashville after graduation from MTSU in 1981. After taking a temporary job in a local custom frame shop, I fell in love with custom framing. Fortunately one of my co-workers, Janet Summers, was willing to take a leap of faith with me to open The Beveled Edge.

What has been your proudest accomplishment with The Beveled Edge?

That we have been able to consistently offer excellent service and quality.

Tell us about White Bridge Road 30 years ago versus how it is today?

My favorite thing is that the bridge opened the same day we did, August 1,1983. Before that, you had to cross over from Kenner Ave using what is now the pedestrian bridge for the greenway. Our current location was a bowling alley, Target was “new” and the only restaurant that has not changed is Dalt’s.

Was it hard to go from being a solo owner to sharing ownership with your business partner, William?

Not at all! William has a wonderful eye for design and really enjoys working with our clients. We both work on buying product for the store, and his skills with visual merchandising and management allow me more time to manage the custom framing side of the business.

Tell us about your newest venture that will be sold at the store?

I’ve started a new venture, True South Puzzle Company, that will launch on September 1. I worked with Joel Anderson at Anderson Design Group to produce 6 images of Nashville for the first run. They are 500-piece puzzles using some of the most popular images from the Spirit Of Nashville collection. I will have them in the shop, online and in a few other locations very soon. I just got samples in this week and we are having a great time putting them together.


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Is there a piece of advice that you have leaned on throughout your career?

Measure twice, cut once!

Did you have a mentor to help you?

My mom and dad were the best. I grew up the youngest of four daughters on a dairy farm in Middle Tennessee. My parents started from scratch and built what became recognized as the number one dairy farm in the state. They had a passion for their profession. From them, I learned that there is no substitute for quality, to always stay current in my field, to work hard and to always stand behind my work.

If you could choose another career just for a day, what would it be?


Do you have any specific menu item that you are currently craving?

I love the Crispy Little Fish at Tavern.


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What is your favorite luxury or indulgence?

Travel–I love history and architecture, and any place with a beach.

Where will your next vacation to be?

I am looking forward to a fall trip to Seaside.

What is your perfect Saturday night?

Going out to dinner with good friends.

How important is it to keep close friends and how do you ensure you get the time?

I have been so lucky to retain many high school and college friends, as well as the good friends I have made here in Nashville. Making time for my friends has always been very important to me. No one can make me laugh harder than some of my friends from college!

What books are currently on your bedside table?

I just finished Unbroken, an amazing book by Laura Hillenbrand. I’m starting The Burgess Boys by Elizabeth Strout, and always a stack of lifestyle magazines.


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Name three things you can’t live without.

  • My pets–Bongo, Darwin, Bob and Sam (all rescues)
  • Trips to the beach
  • Archipelago Botanicals Soy Milk Body Lotion


Thank you, Susan! Be sure to check out The Beveled Edge: click here. Become a fan on Facebook: click here.

And special thanks to Ashley Hylbert for her always gorgeous FACES photos each Monday. To see more of Ashley’s work, click here.


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