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With access to so many fitness options, including an abundance of (often conflicting) fitness advice on social media, it can be difficult to find the program that works best for you, your body type, and your lifestyle. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about hiring a personal trainer but are apprehensive about the cost. Or maybe you’re accustomed to solo workouts, but you like the idea of a high-energy group fitness class. Whichever option you prefer, PRIME — the new semi-private training program at Iron Tribe Fitness Nashville — offers the best of both worlds. We spoke to Iron Tribe Fitness Nashville CEO, Jamie Warren, to learn why this new approach is a particularly effective way to reach your fitness goals.

Right away, we learned there are three distinct ways that PRIME creates incredible results:

  • Three weekly sessions focused on a wide variety of wellness needs — resistance training, cardio, flexibility, mobility, and nutrition guidance
  • A one-coach-to-four-athlete ratio, allowing for an extremely personalized guidance approach (Note: Iron Tribe refers to all clients as athletes, regardless of experience- and skill-level!)
  • Accountability and customized progress-tracking based on your goals
Iron Tribe Fitness Nashville coach assisting client during strength training

Iron Tribe Fitness Nashville’s new PRIME training program is a semi-private option that helps individuals improve their nutrition and strength while also losing fat.

Available at all Iron Tribe Fitness Nashville locations, PRIME is a personalized training program that focuses on nutrition, strength, flexibility, conditioning, and skill development. The program also offers a one-coach-to-four-athlete ratio, perfectly combining the experiences of group fitness and one-on-one training. It’s this personalized, intimate atmosphere that truly makes the program stand out. “Semi-private training is a much higher level of service than what you find in a traditional fitness facility,” explains Jamie. “It is the coach’s deep knowledge of each client’s goals, limitations, and fitness background that informs that program design for maximum results in the least amount of time.” Through this knowledge and customization, athletes can expect improvements in their body composition, strength, mindset, and energy.

Woman talking athlete through semi-private training program

“Semi-private training is a small group personal fitness program that is completely customized to your goals,” Jamie says of PRIME. “It allows the coach to provide individual nutrition guidance that accounts for each client’s unique needs.

Woman spotting athlete as she lifts weights

While you may be in class with other athletes, not everyone is likely to be doing the same workouts, as each person has a routine that’s specifically tailored to their capacity, limitations, and goals.

Training typically takes place three days a week, and you can choose from a variety of class times and workout methods — ranging from resistance training and cardio to flexibility and mobility exercises. In addition, Iron Tribe Fitness Nashville offers a hybrid option that adds two PRIME sessions to a regular Iron Tribe Fitness Nashville membership. This is a great option if you’re looking to test the waters of semi-private training while still enjoying larger group classes. In terms of program length, Jamie notes that most clients enjoy the cost savings of a 52-week training commitment. However, Iron Tribe Fitness Nashville also offers 12- and 24-week programs.

Iron Tribe Nashville coach training with female athlete

In addition to semi-private training, PRIME also includes meal plans and comprehensive assessments, which are additional ways the program is customized.

Whether you’re a fitness connoisseur or just starting out, Iron Tribe Fitness Nashville welcomes people of all fitness levels to participate in semi-private training. “We have had clients from all levels of fitness — from first-time gym members to long-time competitive athletes and everyone in-between,” Jamie tells us. “We have also found that semi-private training is great for clients who have specific time-based goals or upcoming life events.”

When it comes time to create and measure your goals, this is also achieved through a customized process. Athletes define and evaluate their goals every six weeks with the help of their coach to measure progress and determine what needs to change in the next six weeks. This means athletes are in constant communication with their coach, so you’re never alone in the process. You always have a support system by your side to hold you accountable for factors like class attendance and nutrition compliance.

Woman lifting weights at gym

“Each individual client’s program has defined phases and re-evaluations every six weeks,” says Jamie. “These evaluations measure the client’s progress toward their goals.”

If you’re interested in joining semi-private training at Iron Tribe Fitness Nashville, contact your local Iron Tribe Fitness to set up a time to tour the gym and meet one of their coaches. Iron Tribe Fitness Nashville has locations in Brentwood, Belmont, Cool Springs, Franklin, and Belle Meade. To learn more about semi-private training and sign up for PRIME, visit

This article is sponsored by Iron Tribe Fitness Nashville. All photography by Iron Tribe Fitness Nashville.

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