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Janetta Fleming, an accomplished portrait artist, made a compelling offer to StyleBlueprint: she offered to give one of our faithful readers a chance to have a house portrait commissioned, including framing by Auld Alliance Gallery, FOR FREE.  As we were fans of her work already, we thought this offer too good to pass up! I love the idea of capturing your beloved family home in such a beautiful way, and believe me when I say Janetta has the eye capture it well and the talent to make your house come alive.  And, with Christmas around the corner, what a great gift idea for those hard-to-buy-for loved ones.

We sold our family home of 48 years, at 1594 Vinton Avenue in Memphis, when my Mom died. Needless to say, it was a gut-wrenching experience. If you think about the memories you have invested in a single address from birthday parties, proms, illnesses, weddings and sadly, funerals – it is mind-boggling. Our house on Vinton was the “go-to” house for parties, school projects and meetings. I guess when it came to opening our front doors, we couldn’t say “no.”  One of my prized possessions is a gift from my sister-in-law, a charming rendering of our family home.

Don’t you agree that the homes featured below capture Janetta’s whimsical and wonderful use of watercolor?  Making your painting into a set of note cards, or Christmas cards, is a great way to get even more fulfillment out of your new art.

Many of you may know Janetta. She is a tireless leader in Nashville’s philanthropic circles with deep roots in town as she was born and raised in Nashville.
I first met her at an art show and, since I adore watercolors, I was immediately drawn to her work. She works in an impressionistic style and loves to splash color here and there. Janetta has a knack for going to the heart of the matter and discovering what is most important to the families whose homes she paints. She was trained as a nurse and wonders if her work ultimately has a healing effect on the people who buy it. She considers Mary Cassatt, Winslow Homer, and Henry Caselli to be influential in her painting style. And back to her home town roots, she was encouraged to draw by Betty Partee and Vicki Bartholomew at Harpeth Hall. Janetta’s all-time dearest guru of style is Dana Sherrard.

When I asked Janetta to talk about her paintings and thoughts on painting homes, she mused,

“Homes are such interesting extensions of their owners. I see them as sacred space for a family, shaping thoughts, memories and dreams. The personalities of houses and their gardens are of endless fascination to me, and I’ve actually been painting them here in Nashville and throughout the Southeast ever since I was seventeen!”

I hope you enjoy your portrait as much I love mine.

For more information, including prices, contact Janetta Fleming at #476-6543 or through email  [email protected]

Auld Alliance Gallery:  #352-5522


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