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If you’ve ever frantically uttered the phrase, “I have nothing to wear” while standing in your closet surrounded by a tornado of clothes, we just might have the perfect solution for you.

Gus Mayer, located in the heart of Green Hills, carries a healthy mix of designer and contemporary brands, along with an abundance of accessories, handbags and jewelry. The retail gem is a beloved destination for all things fashion and has been serving Nashville’s style needs for more than four decades (the store was one of the original tenants of The Mall at Green Hills when it opened in 1955!).

In addition to fabulous fashion and accessories, they also have a feature you don’t want to overlook: personal shoppers.

Indeed, Gus Mayer offers a full-scale retail experience — from personal shoppers to an in-house seamstress – meaning you can always count on someone having an eye out for your favorite color, cut or fashion needs.

personal shopper at Gus Mayer

Gus Mayer‘s Samantha Phypers helps style for a special occasion.

Gus Mayer

Gus Mayer, located at The Mall at Green Hills, was one of the first mall tenants. They have been helping women look and feel their best since 1955.

Gus Mayer clothes

One of the best things about Gus Mayer is that they can dress three generations of women. The staff spans more than six decades!

Gus Mayer clothes

Whether you want something casual or are looking for something slightly more elevated, the selection at Gus Mayer delivers.

Since July 2010, Beth Franklin has been the store manager for the Nashville location, continuing the amazing tradition of exceptional service and creating an in-store experience that is authentic, engaging and unlike any other you’ll find in town. “Gus Mayer is unique in that we can truly style three generations of women,” Beth says. “Our amazing buyers find the best selection of designers and merchandise with our customers in mind. We strive to bring the newest trends that are classic yet encompass the trends of the season.”

With so many special occasions that occur throughout the year, especially in Music City and especially at this time of year, Beth and her team know their clients want to find that perfect piece. “We know we can’t possibly carry every single silhouette from every designer, so we provide endless amounts of trunk shows so that customers can see as many beautiful designs as possible and find their own look,” Beth explains.

From the minute you walk through the doors, the attentive staff at Gus Mayer makes it a priority to provide exceptional service and establish a personal relationship. “We want to get to know our customers so that years from now we will get the privilege of working with them again,” Beth says.

Speaking of forming long-lasting relationships, Beth explains the recent exponential growth in the sector of personal shopping. “Our in-house stylists have more than 100 years’ tenure in the industry,” she says. “I truly believe we have some of the most exceptional women working at Gus Mayer. Most importantly, they relate to our clients. We personally know the challenges of finding the perfect pant or the perfect dress for a wedding; we are all different shapes, sizes and ages, so we can relate to our customers.”

A long-time Gus Mayer shopper, Olivia Winfree, has been working with the Gus Mayer team for the last seven years. “The thing I love most is whenever I tell them my budget or what I’m looking for, as soon as I walk in the store, everything is already laid out in my room and coordinated for me,” Olivia explains. “I love the fact that someone knows my style and what fits me correctly so that I don’t have to spend time looking through everything.”

Olivia points out that another advantage of working with a personal shopper is that she can extend her wardrobe, because they know what’s in my closet. They give me several things that I can mix and match, so I end up being able to make more outfits out of just a few pieces.”

personal shopper at Gus Mayer

Wanda Hill, Sales Associate and Personal Shopper, discussing with Marzia Wahidi, Seamstress, for the perfect tweaks.

dressing room at gus mayer

Your clothes will be pulled and hanging in your dressing room, ready to try on!

personal shopper at Gus Mayer

A Gus Mayer personal shopper also becomes a trusted friend as she can guide you on what items are worth the investment — and which ones are not.

One of the most rewarding parts of working with a personal shopper at Gus Mayer is being able to be an integral part of their clients’ big moments. For example, the dress Olivia wore to her son’s wedding a few years ago. “The dress they chose working together was perfect; I felt so elegant yet so comfortable,” Olivia remembers.

Dana Oman, who has been shopping at Gus Mayer since the early 1990s works also with the Gus Mayer team. “They have shown me how to put together pieces I already had while helping me figure out what I needed to purchase to fill in the gaps,” she explains. “Over time I have been able to build my wardrobe with functional pieces that can be worn many different ways — I rarely feel like I have to run out and buy something specific for one event now because I have things in my closet for almost any occasion.”

If you’re ever faced with the “splurge or save” dilemma, a personal shopper can help you decide what’s worth investing in versus finding a comparable piece for less. “The Gus Mayer teams shows me when to splurge on that special ‘forever piece’ but they also tell me when I don’t have to,” Dana adds. “They definitely keep me from spending my money on whims that I won’t end up wearing!”

Additionally, the benefits of a personal shopper extend further than just the clothes you’re wearing. “If I want a really unique look for an event, they will advise me on every single part of my look: the shoes, the jewelry and even the hairstyle that works best with my outfit,” Dana says

personal shopper at Gus Mayer

Leta Wood, Sales Associate and Personal Shopper, styling for a special event.

Gus Mayer store in Green Hills

Gus Mayer, conveniently located in Green Hills, has an impressive selection of fashion and accessories at a variety of price points. 

If you’re in the market for not only a new outfit but a genuine, authentic relationship with someone who has your best look at heart, a personal shopper at Gus Mayer is an incredible luxury and worth your time.

“I think what makes Gus Mayer so unique is that we truly want a relationship with our customers,” Beth says. “With employees who range in ages 25-80, we understand our clients. We love working with other personal shoppers in town too. It’s so fun and amazing to work together to make women feel beautiful. After all, that is our goal! We are very community support-driven and believe in supporting those who have helped make Gus Mayer a Nashville staple.”

Stop by Gus Mayer, located at 2132 Green Hills Village Dr, Nashville, TN 37215, to learn more. Or visit them online at gusmayer.com.  And to schedule an appointment, contact Beth at [email protected] or call 615.383.4771.

This article is sponsored by Gus Mayer. All photography by Leila Grossman.

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