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Aren’t we all looking for ways to make life easier? Ways to simplify our schedules and our spaces so we have more time for what matters most? With help from the organizational design team at California Closets Nashville, we’ve pinpointed four tips that can streamline just about every room in your house to do just that — from home offices and garages to living rooms, pantries, and bedrooms. Plus, we’ve included some examples of the life-changing custom solutions they create.

4 Organization Tips That Will Change Your Life

Start with a Good Foundation

The first and perhaps most important step when organizing your home is to begin with a solid foundation. For Lana Reed, Director of Sales and Design at California Closets Nashville, this means finding a home for everything. “It starts with having a place for everything and everything has a place,” she says. “Having a custom-designed solution for your space gives you the foundational tool that’s going to help you have a place for everything — that’s first and foremost.”

However, many of us may have collected one too many articles of clothing or kitchen utensils over the years, so we may not actually have a place for everything. If this is the case, Lana recommends using the KonMari Method™ and organizing items by category instead of location. This may include creating a Goodwill pile and asking yourself, “Am I really going to use this again?” Lana recommends taking everything out of a space, sorting through item by item, and only putting back the things you use, you’re going to use, and are beneficial to you now.

Lana Reed, Director of Sales and Design at California Closets Nashville

Lana Reed, Director of Sales and Design at California Closets Nashville, says the best first step when organizing your space is to begin with a strong foundation.

Custom shelves created by California Closets

When organizing a space, it’s also important to make sure everything has a place. California Closets Nashville offers custom design solutions to help you do so.

Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize!

Once you’ve decided which items to throw or give away, it’s time to start organizing and finding homes for the items you decided to keep. A great way to ensure everything has a home is to utilize accessories like drawers, dividers, and inserts. California Closets Nashville offers solutions for all types of items. For example, their exclusive Everstyle drawers, pictured below, come in 15 customizable styles that keep items like socks, electronics, and laundry neatly in place. Another popular accessory offered by California Closets Nashville is the Engage drawer, also pictured below, which is often used to organize ties, jewelry, lingerie, and more.

Everystyle drawer for electronics

Pictured here is one of California Closets’ exclusive Everstyle drawer options. This example is perfect for electronics as its glass front allows remote signals to function freely; ventilation strips in the base keep electronics cool with the additional airflow, and a convenient dropped back panel hides unsightly wires.

Pictured here is one of California Closets’ Engage drawers, which neatly organizes ties, belts, sunglasses, and watches thanks to convenient inserts.

Lana also notes that baskets and bins are great organizing accessories, too, and California Closets Nashville offers plenty of options for both. “We also have baskets that come with a liner that are great for storing pantry items like bread, potatoes, onions, or paper products,” Lana adds.

Customs shelves and lined baskets

Not only do lined baskets help keep items neatly in place, but they also keep things out of view that you don’t want guests to see.

Don’t Overlook Vertical Storage & Space

Vertical space is just as useful as horizontal shelving and drawers. Not only does vertical storage free up counter and floor space, but it also keeps items easily accessible. Lana says vertical storage is especially popular in pantries as clients often use custom vertical shelving for items like baking sheets, serving platters, and even wine bottles. Garages are another space where vertical storage can be useful, and California Closets Nashville offers slat walls, racks, hooks, baskets, and bins to easily organize tools and other items.

Vertical storage options from California Closets

The vertical shelves pictured here keep serving platters neatly organized while leaving them easily accessible.

Garage with custom storage options

Garages are another space that can benefit from vertical storage, using slat walls, racks, and hooks to organize tools.

Incorporate Function and Beauty

It can be difficult to find the perfect balance between the aesthetic of a space and its functionality, but the experts at California Closets Nashville work to combine these two elements into every project. “Our design consultants collaborate with clients to ensure the functionality of the space is well communicated and addressed firsthand, then we bring the aesthetic into the design,” explains Lana. A great example of this is California Closets’ proprietary finishes and their leather, stone, chrome, and decorative inserts. Not only do these keep items tucked away and organized, but they also add a thoughtful touch of elegance and luxury to any space.

Whether your style is modern, luxe, or traditional, California Closet Nashville offers a variety of styles and finishes to suit your aesthetic. Plus, all of their materials are eco-friendly and more durable than wood.

When you’re ready to start organizing, California Closets Nashville has locations in both Nashville and Franklin. Plus, if you want to experience the luxury of California Closets firsthand, their Franklin location is home to a stunning showroom that features exclusive finishes, state-of-the-art technology, decorative hardware, and an assortment of accessories you can peruse to personalize your space. There, you can also collaborate with design consultants and view 3D renderings of your designs so you can watch your new space come to life!

California Closets Nashville is located at 2601 Winford Avenue and 420 Cool Springs Boulevard. To learn more, visit

This article is sponsored by California Closets Nashville. All photos courtesy of California Closets Nashville.

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