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After all my bitterness about the Unclaimed Baggage Center yesterday, I thought it best to follow up with a bargain hunting place that I really do think is worth every bit of time and gas it takes to get there: Opry Mills. It was decent before the flood. But, after it closed for 2 years, the re-opened mall is a true shopping treat.



Word of caution: this place is big, very big. And, when it comes to malls, I actually get dry eyes and near panic attacks after being in one too long; I have a set time limit and it’s about 2 hours and then I have to leave. Seriously. Heart palpitations. I need fresh air.

With only two hours to shop, I suggest the following stores, which are all located very close to each other: Off Fifth, J. Crew, Coach, Ralph Lauren, Cole Haan and Nike. If you still have time, take in Banana Republic, Lucky Brand (I put this in my top tier, actually…), The Gap, BCBG, Nine West, Vera Bradley, Calvin Klein, Steve Madden and Michael Kors. Rumor has it that Kate Spade is opening up an outlet at Opry Mills in the very near future. And, for those with young kids, Janie and Jack just announced they are opening an outlet here, and their clothes are adorable.

The title “King of the Hill,” at least according to moi, is actually shared between two stores: Off Fifth and J. Crew.

Do you hear the music? It’s the sound of harps playing as you gaze upon this oh-so-fabulous store.


These Reed Krakoff shoes were insanely beautiful. Price below.


The price is now $449.99, but take another 25% off if you are a Red Card member (which is akin to your Kroger card. It’s just a card, not a debit or credit card). Now, the price is $337.50. Sure, it’s still pricey, but a far cry from the original $925 original.


It’s fun trying on super high-end shoes without nervous sales people fluttering around you urging you to buy. These, with snake skin heels, are by Chloe. My wound on my foot, so apparent in this photo, is from kayaking!


Tory Burch shoes, take 25% off the lowest price.


These Ugg boots were also 25% off the lowest price. OK, pretty much EVERYTHING was 25% off the lowest price! I’ve been out here when it’s been 30% off everything as well. Very fun.


Off Fifth has hundreds, perhaps thousands, of pairs of sunglasses. These, by Dior, caught my eye. I think they were around $65, but honestly I was swimming in a sale paradise and didn’t write it down.


Cole Haan loafers for women. Again, take 25% off.


A rainbow of colored jeans.

The store is filled with jewelry, clothes and shoes for men, women and children, evening wear, accessories and pretty much everything that you expect at Saks Fifth Avenue.


J. Crew:

I didn’t take photos of all the items inside J. Crew, as their store policy is no photos. But, this is a store for the whole family. It just makes me happy knowing how close by it is!

After hitting Off Fifth and J. Crew, you can go home, as you may have already spent your money. But, if you still have some to spare, head to the following stores. They are all found near one another. Just enter Opry Mills at the Ralph Lauren/Off Fifth entrance.

Cole Haan: Are you ready to get in your car and drive to Opry Mills?


The mannequins at Ralph Lauren.


Brooks Brothers


The COACH factory store is so big it has two entrances.


We know that lots of you swear by the fit of BCBG.


Nine West always delivers fresh style at a good price. That price just got better.


Calvin Klein


Banana Republic Factory Store


My kids basically screamed when they saw this. Under Armour has a store at Opry Mills, as well.


The Ann Taylor mannequins. There is also a LOFT at Opry Mills. And I know women with HUGE clothing budgets who regularly stop by LOFT, as it carries some fun things.


Steve Madden always has trendy, cute shoes and accessories for a lower-end price.


Some of the Michael Kors outlet items are kinda cuter than the regular Michael Kors. Some. They also carry regular MK items, discounted.


Not only is there now a Vera Bradley at The Hill Center Green Hills, there is one at Opry Mills. And, honestly, do the patterns change that much season to season?


I’m a big fan of Lucky Brand. That laid back western style strikes a chord. If you are too, be sure to seek this store out.


If you have a teenaged daughter, she will want to see the Forever 21 at Opry Mills. It’s enormous.

The biggest Forever 21 I have ever seen. It’s the size of Kroger. As in a HUGE Kroger.

It’s enormous. I am 5’11” with a 36″ inseam. I say this to prove that I have a long stride; I cover much territory with each step. So, how many steps does it take to walk the Opry Mills Forever 21? For me, it’s 131. Yes, start at one end, out in the hallway, and count 131 long strides. It’s enormous. Here is a text from my daughter from INSIDE the store:

When I say you can get lost in this store, you CAN! (And, are my daughter and I the only ones who commonly send texts that say “ate” instead of “are”?)

Before we even entered Forever 21, my 8 year old son groaned, “NOOOOOO. You’ll take FOREVER in there. That’s why they named it Forever 21.” He’s pretty funny.

If you have kids, the Lego store is a must-go. And, the Aquarium restaurant,¬†while it’s not terribly good, is still a treat. The food is over-priced, but you are paying for a meal while watching sharks, eels and stingrays swim by. For me, this always includes a glass of wine, as by the time we arrive, I’m spent.

After I hit my two hour limit, we headed for a meal. I sit and sip on wine waiting for my equilibrium to restore!

Opry Mills is a drive, but it’s really worth it.


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