Your sister insists she is a size 6. But the beautiful cashmere size 6 sweater she unwrapped last Christmas barely fit over her head. So either the stores are sizing incorrectly (they do, you know!), or your sister is in denial (possible, but if she is happy, leave her there). Avoid the awkwardness of ill-fit sizes with these one-size-fits-all suggestions that skip right over that whole size conundrum. Let your sister stay a size 6 forever and ever!


Scarves are the ultimate French accessory. A chic French woman can take a scarf and create a new look with her basic coat, elevate a simple blouse and probably save a dying man by tying a chic tourniquet. If you are buying for a less-than-nimble fashionista, try an infinity scarf, which is basically a knit doughnut you put your head through that has no pesky ends and basically arranges itself. Add more style points with a faux fur scarf, like these from Jondie Boutique. The plush scarf will elevate a basic black coat or, if paired with a black skirt and simple white blouse, become party-worthy.

Faux fur scarves from Jondie Boutique

Faux fur infinity scarves, $18 each at Jondie Boutique


A hat can be too big or small, but a darling knit headband will fit virtually anyone. These flower-bedecked headbands, $25.95 at Philanthropy, are pastel perfection. Bonus points for this gift: these knit headbands keep your ears warm without wrecking your hair.

Knit headbands from Philanthropy

Knit headbands, $25.95 each at Philanthropy

Throws, capes and ponchos

One of the hottest fashion trends is also one of the best no-size-required gifting options. Ponchos and throws are created to drape and envelop the body … basically a warm, cozy fashion hug. This red poncho, $41.95 at Silver Steer & Company, has oversized armholes with a soft cowl neck, making it perfect for layering with a tee.

Red Poncho from Silver Steer &  Company

Red poncho, $41.95 from Silver Steer & Company

A trio that asks for nary a size? Try this poncho ($78), hat ($42) and gloves ($38) from HeyDay.

Poncho with hat and gloves from HeyDay

Poncho, $78; hat, $42; and gloves, $38, at HeyDay

Boot toppers

Boots can be a tricky gift to buy. Is she a 7 narrow? Does the pointy toe mean you should go up a size? Don’t fret with all that guessing, and gift boot toppers instead. Like leg warmers for your boots, they are meant to peek out of the top of the boot. These from Philanthropy have an adjustable tie that you can tuck in to accommodate even the most athletic calves. $26

Boot toppers from Philanthropy

Boot toppers, $26 from Philanthropy

Fingerless gloves

Leather gloves are sized small, medium and large. Buy them too small, and you can’t make a fist. Too loose, and you end up with floppy fingertips. But knit gloves, like these for $25 from Jondie Boutique, are like hip-looking hand warmers that leave your fingers nimble and are a perfect one- size-fits-all gift.

Gloves from Jondie Boutique

Knit gloves, $25 at Jondie Boutique

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