When we heard that O’More College of Design, the four-year, nonprofit institution in downtown Franklin, was developing the concept of a show house (constructed adjacent to the college and basically in their backyard), we began anticipating what direction the home would take. Fast forward many months–lots of sweat and tears go into these projects–and we are simply astounded by what they have accomplished. This house is amazing! Do yourself a favor: make plans to see it and be inspired.

For this inaugural event, which was presented by Traditional Home magazine, O’More enlisted 17 of its award-winning interior design alumni to carefully craft the interior. They’ve worked day-in and day-out for the past six months to get their baby dressed and ready, and I had a chance to take a peek this week and show you what I found.

Really, this looks like a sweet little cottage, right? (Disclaimer: these are iPhone photos)

O'More Show House-exterior taken 3.28


Actually, this house is over 4,000 square feet–and every inch is worth exploring! It’s very deep, so it’s deceiving, as most homes today are far wider than they are deep.

As you enter, you are greeted by a stunning foyer which showcases one of our favorite design firms, R. Higgins Interiors and the work of owners Roger Higgins and Ann Shipp.

entry by Roger Higgins and Ann Shipp of R. Higgins Interiors

Show House Entry, designed by R. Higgins Interiors

Then, as you turn from this exquisite welcome towards the dining room, prepare for your jaw to hit the floor! The lighting is … Well, there are no words.


Dining Room, designed by Dana Goodman Interiors

Okay, here are some: impressive, drool worthy, envy-invoking, PERFECT. At this point, after seeing just two rooms, I knew I was in for some serious house and design envy. (Note: If the O’More show house planners intended for this house to motivate visitors to hire one of the featured interior designers for a repeat performance on their own homes, then mission accomplished. This visitor is inclined to do just that!) Dining room designer is Crysta Allsbrooks Parish of Dana Goodman Interiors.

The kitchen, which is always my favorite room to check out, follows the dining room, and this one does not disappoint. Designer is Vicki Edwards of Kitchen & Bath Images:


Kitchen, designed by Kitchen and Bath Images

Be sure to ask to see the creative use of storage throughout the kitchen. Many take-home ideas.

Next up, the breakfast room. It’s is a nice mix of traditional and modern, with a fabulous ceiling. Designer is L. Johnathan Savage of Savage Interior Design:


Breakfast Room, designed by Savage Interior Design



A closeup of the fabulous ceiling

The living room follows the breakfast room on the tour. It’s gorgeous. Designers for the living room are Mark Simmons and Deb Tallent of Mark Simmons Interiors.

photo 1

Living Room, designed by Mark Simmons Interiors. Painting is by Leslie Barron, titled “Beach Horse.” Leslie’s work can be found at Bennett Galleries.

The first thing out of my mouth was, “I want that chair!” Amy Elbert, the Senior Architecture Editor at Traditional Home, whom I met and toured the home with, immediately said, “Schumacher.” That’s the company responsible for all of the fabrics that I fall for time and time again, and what’s on this chair:



As an aside, mush of the artwork on display could be a post in and of itself and is practically a tutorial in American Realism. (I learned a lot.) Gary Haynes, owner of Haynes Gallery, has filled the house with art that makes you want to linger. Be sure to give yourself enough time to take it all in. After seeing the house, I’m making a point to start attending the art receptions Haynes Gallery hosts throughout the year.


photo 3


And check out this lamp. So pretty!


photo 1


Okay, I want to point out a feature that I saw twice in the house: Notice when you look down the hallway (in the photo below) that you are not greeted by the ubiquitous door at the end. Instead, you see a nice vignette. That was purposeful. Joanne Haynes, the project designer, changed the plans to set up the possibilities for these focal points. Much more interesting than a door to a bathroom, right?! (If you’re in the midst of planning a house, take note of that detail.) Designer for downstairs landing is Jennifer Jones of Jennifer Jones Design.

photo 4

Downstairs Landing, by Jennifer Jones Design


photo 3

Notice how Jennifer had the flowers mirror the art? Flowers are by The Tulip Tree.

And here’s another special detail from this vignette: the wall is upholstered in burlap and even trimmed out. Very nice!

photo 2


The master bedroom has a couple of features that you notice right away: the bed and another amazing painting. The bed is by Ironware International, a local company that we at StyleBlueprint are particularly fond of. Designer for the master bedroom and bath is Kathleen Evers of K. Evers Interiors.

photo 2

Bedroom, by K. Evers Interiors


photo 3

Here is that amazing painting I mentioned. If you are having a portrait done of one of your children, this could be a fabulous painting from which to take direction.

Ironware International CEO and founder, Karin Eaton, was at the house when I was, and she is just lovely. Here’s a shot of all of us women as we take in the final product:

photo 4

(from left to right) Ashlyn Hines Meneguzzi, property owner and co-founder of Bristol Development Group, Liza Graves, Karin Eaton, Joanne Haynes and Amy Elbert.

The master bath is the perfect space to surprise anyone who believes that the secret to a happy marriage is having separate bathrooms. There is only one master bath and it works just as well as two separate ones would. It’s really big, which I, personally, am usually not fond of–I like cozy spaces, especially bathrooms. But, there are so many distinct areas in the bath/dressing room that it is at once private and beautiful, while large enough to be shared easily.

photo 2

Master Bath, also designed by K. Evers Interiors


photo 1

Love the geometric pattern of the tile floor.


photo 5

This small table is also from Ironware International. Check out the amazing bathtub, as well!

Okay, let’s go upstairs. On the way up you must check out this chandelier, found at Graham’s Lighting.

photo 1


At the top of the stairs, you will find this storage room/office space. I would never have known what to do with this space, which is why odd spaces like this amaze me when put to good use! Designer is Kathy Sandler of Sandler Design Group, LLC.


Upstairs Office, by Sandler Design Group

The upstairs family room was one of my favorite architectural aspects of the house. I have a similar room in my home, and I think they are genius because your family room is then really just for your family, not for entertaining purposes. This one is much nicer than mine though! A hallway splits the room in two, making a little study on one side and a lounging/TV room on the other. Designer is Kim Zimmer of Kim Zimmer Interior Design.


Upstairs Family Room, by Kim Zimmer Interior Design

The designer of the lovely upstairs study, gallery and powder room is John D. Starbuck, Jr. of Starbuck Designers, Inc.


Upstairs Study, by Starbuck Designers

Wander a little further down the hall to see the final two bedrooms. The first was designed by Scarlett Scales-Tingas of Scarlett Scales Antiques, and her mark was obvious. She does such a great job turning like items into eye-catching statements:


Upstairs Bedroom, by Scarlett Scales Antiques

The final room was designed by Joanne Haynes of J. Haynes Interiors, who, as I’ve already mentioned, was the project designer of this whole adventure. Her use of green in an otherwise neutral room and Asian influences are so fun and memorable. It’s a perfect guest room, as there is a daybed in an alcove that makes an ideal spot to read a book or for a child to sleep. Again, the artwork is fabulous; it mimics the room itself–one painting is of a bed, side table and lamp, the other of a daybed.


Guest Bedroom, by J. Haynes Interiors



See the painting on the far left? Perfect for a guest room, isn’t it?



The very useful daybed in the guest room.

One last room I wanted to point out is the upstairs powder room. The walls are hand painted. Be sure to see them in person and ooh and aah appropriately. Designer, as previously mentioned, is Starbuck Designers, Inc.


Powder Room, by Starbuck Designers



Yes, this is hand-painted!

I did not get photos of the exterior gardens, planned by Design Studio, LLC, or the outdoor living spaces, designed by Kitchell & Brown Interiors, as it was cold and grey! But, they looked fabulous through the windows! Also, I somehow missed the Laundry/Mud Room and am anxious to go back down and see this room. It is designed by Jennifer Markanich of Timeless Interiors.

This ends my tour of the house. It’s obvious, now, why you must go and see this house in person, with the perfect focus that my iPhone simply couldn’t give you, right? Go and support downtown Franklin, O’More College and all these wonderful designers. It’s well worth the time spent, and you will be filled with inspiration from the moment you walk in until the the very end!

Tickets are $20 each and available during tour hours at the door.

APRIL 5 – 21, 2013; 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. (except Sundays when tour hours begin at 12 noon).

The O’More Designer Show House is located in the heart of Historic Downtown Franklin, Tenessee. Situated on the quiet cul-de-sac of Berry Circle just outside the Lewisburg Avenue Historic District, the home is adjacent to the O’More College of Design campus.

The O’More Designer Show House is providing its visitors with a complimentary shuttle. Please park on the top deck of the free parking garage at Second Avenue South in downtown Franklin. A trolley will shuttle guests to and from the show house every 15 minutes.

Due to limited space, there will be no parking on the College campus or at the Show House during the two-week run date.

Show House Address
313 Berry Circle
Franklin, TN 37064

Parking Garage Address
109 Second Avenue South
Franklin, TN 37064