We’ve all been there haven’t we? You have a vision, and the execution of that dream is just a little bit bigger than you imagined, or in this case, a lot bigger. But, sometimes you are just in too deep to turn back. (Ahhh, the tenacity of women!) When things look impossible, some of us (like me) are prone to cry, but then the amazing happens: we stand up, hold our heads high and get to work. The real beauty happens when our friends and community say, “Hey, can I help?”

Kate Mills and Ashley Sheehan at Old Made Good (OMG) in East Nashville.

Kate Mills and Ashley Sheehan at Old Made Good (OMG) in East Nashville.

Two such tenacious women are the owners of Old Made Good (OMG) in East Nashville, Kate Mills and Ashley Sheehan. We featured them last August in our FACES of Nashville series. If you follow them on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook or whatever other social media platform is your preference, you are well aware of the Gold Glitter Floor, or GGF project. Well, this GGF has not been a Good Girl Friend.

It all started when Kate and Ashley decided to move locations to better display their amazing finds that they sell to a very loyal and growing clientele. Kate is the social media queen and updates us all throughout the day on new items for sale or encounters with grouchy, rude people. She is quite entertaining and reminds us that although owning your own business is not always fun and roses, it is an amazing journey. She laughs, cries and cusses, and you love her all the more. It’s her clear, unfiltered voice that has attracted many fans beyond their actual customer base.

Kate Mills capturing a moment for Instagram at OMG in East Nashville

Kate capturing a moment for Instagram.

One day, Kate shared that they were stuck on what color to paint the cement floor that they had just exposed after tearing up layers of carpet in their new space. Grey? Orange? Red? Purple?

Next thing we know, the decision had been made. Kate woke up with a vision of her gold glitter shoes that she had only worn once, but loved. They provided just the right amount of glam to the outfit. The floor, she decided, should do the same. She called Ashley and they agreed, it should be a gold glitter floor. A 2500 square foot gold glitter floor.

Gold Glitter Shoes and a gold glitter floor

The shoes that inspired the floor and the “glitter” bucket that they have been using to glitter–that’s right, it’s a verb now–the floors.

Now these girls are crafty. And by that I mean really, really crafty. The store is named Old Made Good for a reason they find old treasures and baby them back to life. The transformations are huge. They hold a Wednesday night crafting session at Jackalope called Crafty Bitches. It sells out. If anyone could conquer a glitter floor, they could, right?

Ashley and Kate on the GGF. Notice Kate's tee: Support Your Local Beautiful Losers!

Ashley and Kate on the GGF. Notice Kate’s tee: Support Your Local Beautiful Losers!

Kate found one mention online of a DIY glitter floor. They looked it over. EASY. Three days at most.

This was over three weeks ago, during which time they’ve discovered that glitter is practically impossible to seal with polyurethane. We’re talking a huge layer of glitter on top of cement, and the process is not working.

There is glitter everywhere. The FB conversations are hysterical, but the situation is certainly not funny for these OMG owners. One wall post said, “Glitter is the herpes of the craft world. It just won’t go away.” I’ve seen the term “GDMF glitter floor” referenced more than once.

Just placing my hand on the floor – which has been sealed, albeit not properly – shows that glitter is getting everywhere.

After lying down on the floor for the shot I wanted, Ashley and Kate’s backs were covered with glitter.

Ashley and Kate are sure they have inhaled pounds of glitter, so they made this sign:

Here are some photos that fans have added to the OMG Facebook wall to lighten the moods of the seriously stressed Ashley and Kate:

She who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten

In reference to the glitter that is now all over everything. Image: Facebook

Okay, the fact that this is a real product is completely freaky, but it certainly does lighten the mood!

Okay, the fact that this is a real product is completely freaky, but it certainly does lighten the mood! Image: Facebook

Don't let anyone ever dull your sparkle

Words to live by. Image: Facebook

But, right when they were about to give up, people started showing up with shopping carts FULL of glitter. Seriously. Nashville stores were quickly selling out of all containers of gold glitter.

Cart of glitter from the Mt. Juliet Walmart, courtesy of Miranda Priest (who works at J. Michaels).

People have started sending them messages like: “You must continue.” “I will give you $100 toward the floor.” “I will buy however much glitter you need, but I have to see that floor completed!” “Ask Nashville, raise the funds, finish the floor!”

Letter to the gals at OMG about their gold glitter floor

And, check out this sweet card they received the day I was taking photos. This note also came with a check.

To properly seal the floor, they need FIVE THOUSAND dollars. These are gals who never took out a bank loan, work their booties off daily and have no financials backers. They are the definition of small business: passionate, filled with a vision, dedicated to hard work and … weak on the funds they need to finish this floor.

By the way, I saw a patch of floor “done” with the epoxy needed to seal it properly and it’s amazing. When you see the 1 x 1 foot square done right, you instantly want to see the whole thing. It’s huge. It’s incredible. It’s never been done … to our knowledge.

And, if you think you know a cheaper way to finish the floor, you don’t. Seriously, these gals have met with every crafter and floor finishing specialist in town. $5K is the cost, and that was negotiated down.

So, just like a barn raising, we are calling out to our community of readers who, more than any other community that we know of, supports local, supports women and likes a good challenge. We’ve already given them a check.

The OMG Glitter Done fundraising event kicked off Monday. For a $5 donation, you can come to an event to photograph your awesome shoes on this amazing floor with lots of gratitude and hugs from the OMG owners. For $25, you get a handmade necklace, by Ashley, with a vial of gold glitter as the pendant. For $50, you get a reservation to the February Crafty Bitches class, led by Kate and Ashley. And, for $150, you and a friend can attend a cocktail party, with even more hugs and high fives being passed around. We’ll be at that cocktail party and we hope some of you are, too! Donate now.  But, one more thought…

For just a $5 donation, you can get a photo like this as well, but with your own shoes on an even shinier, properly sealed, floor!

For just a $5 donation, you can get a photo like this as well, but with your own shoes on an even shinier, properly sealed, floor!

Tschotskes and swag aside, of course the best gift of all, in the end, will be the heart-warming knowledge that a supportive community like ours has rallied around women working hard to sustain their very “own little [glittery] postage stamp of native soil.” (William Faulkner, The Paris Review Interviews)

You are ready to donate a little cash, right? Click on Kate and Ashley’s faces in the image below for the donation page!