The Swan Ball, not just a Nashville event, but, quite frankly an American and International event, was held this past Saturday night at Cheekwood.  With thunderstorms in the forecast, the evening ended up being perfectly magical with not a drop of rain. I was at the Late Party and never made it up to the “Big Ball” as I turned into a pumpkin at midnight and headed home.

Thoughts from the night: a lot of black…more so than usual.  And, a whole bunch of happy people.  It was such a fun and giddy place to be.  I think we all just needed the excuse to put on a great dress, have our hair done, and be surrounded by good friends.

Here are Elizabeth’s and my favorite dresses straight from the Tennessean website:

This picture doesn’t do the dress justice, but Kate just exudes a modern yet timeless elegance

Llew Ann King wear Teri Jon. Both Elizabeth and I love this dress. It’s exudes SUMMER and has an effortless energy to it on a night when a lot of effort went in to to everything!

Terri Frost glowed in this Monique Lhuillier gown. Happens to be the same designer I wore Saturday night and I always love Monique’s collections. The detail is etquisitte although this picture doesn’t show that detail off. You’ll just have to believe me:-)

In a sea of black and solid colors, Sissy Wilson’s Oscar de la Renta stood out. I hope no one stepped on her train!

This Pucci dress was perfection on Laura Sims. Her hair, makeup, and accessories were flawless. This is my favorite look of the night.

We both just gushed over this dress. The floral gown is floral in a undersated way. It still stands out as it was not black and not solid. But, it does so in a quiet elegance that make you continue to look again.

Kristen Greer gets our nod for best of the Late Night Party. Like Llew Ann King’s dress from the Big Ball, Kristen’s has a summery lightness that begs for a light breeze. This is a beautiful dress!