I was skeptical at first, but we had received so many unsolicited emails saying just how great this Niki G was, so I knew I had to meet her. Why was I skeptical? I think it was all the pink. I’m just not a pink girl and she definitely is.

So, we met up at Bread and Company and I quizzed Niki on her boot camps, philosophy and background. I came out the other side a fan. Niki graduated from Father Ryan and has been involved with fitness for over 15 years. She’s passionate, smart and committed to providing women a place to get seriously fit.

OK- This does look like a better place to be at 5:15 AM or 8:15 AM than where most of us can be found.

NIki provides modifications to each exercise throughout the boot camp. As someone who can tend to overdo it, at my own peril to my poor knees and wrists, especially in the competitive mode that boot camps tend to bring out, I appreciate that these modifications are suggested. Most boot camps have a hard time with someone with knee or other issues, but Niki has found a way to incorporate all, while still providing a hard workout for all fitness levels.

These gals are sweating, but still smiling… intrigued?

If Niki is not teaching the class, one of her hand-picked personal trainers will be there to oversee. I get it now and I’m sorry I doubted NIki. I may even buy something pink.

You will definitely make new friends.

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