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Nashville continues to make a name for itself as a home to progressive art, culinary creativity, and curated concepts in spades … but we ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Cue Nightscape — Nashville’s newest venue that pushes the boundaries of entertainment. Located in the former 12th & Porter space on the outskirts of The Gulch, Nightscape is an innovative new concept you definitely want to be in the know about.

A green-lit bar at Nightscape Nashville

Nightscape is a mystical, magical, immersive adventure like no other!

Aiming to offer fully-immersive sensory experiences, Nightscape will host a lineup of both private and public activations, with a staggering arsenal of possibilities at its disposal. The space utilizes 360-degree projection mapping, lighting effects, and even scents and gentle breezes to stir your senses. The offerings even include a full-service onsite kitchen to support the important culinary element of the experiences.

In addition, Nightscape will offer private programming, so the space will be available to book for fundraisers, product launches, artist showcases, sports watch parties, rehearsal dinners, and beyond.

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Custom experiences will begin launching this spring, helmed by Nightscape founder and CEO Mike Weinberg. “The opening of our public-facing venue will completely change what’s possible in modern entertainment,” says Mike. “We’re blurring the lines between the physical and digital worlds in a way that I believe will have a domino effect on how the entertainment industry continues to develop. We will constantly be evolving and pushing the bounds of creativity, with the idea that someone can walk into our space and experience something new every single time.”

To begin, Nightscape opens its doors with a curated, “swinging” good time, centered around the Masters golf tournament. “[The Masters experience] puts guests inside an incredibly immersive golf course that we’ve created, allowing them to feel as if they’re sitting at Augusta and watching the golf tournament within that world,” says Mike. “Each detail of the experience is thoughtful, including weather and sounds that correspond with real-time course conditions.” In other words, this experience is the next best thing to being there in the flesh!

Wall projections at Nightscape Nashville

You can expect a program roster of ticketed public events, but Nightscape is also available to book for private events.

Next, Nightscape’s first ticketed event will showcase a unique culinary experience that transports guests to distant lands without ever leaving Music City. First up on the travel agenda? Tuscany. Rumor has it the event will feature a partnership with a renowned local chef who has yet to be announced, and the secrecy might just have us even more eager to experience it.

“Chef is working with us to curate this dining activation in an Italian-inspired castle,” says Mike. “While other companies have premiered these types of dining experiences with projection, we involve the entire room, including the ceiling and the table, that will move together as one. It will completely change people’s perceptions of what the environments are like when you’re trying to eat and drink, and I think it will completely change the status quo for those types of events and experiences and places.”

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Nightscape is a blank canvas for your imagination and allows you to interact with your surroundings in a new and dynamic way. And while you may hear talk of its “seamless screens,” the reality is that Nightscape doesn’t possess any screens at all. “Visuals are cast on the walls and ceilings themselves, with a continuous projection that provides zero evidence that the projectors exist,” says Mike. “Ultimately, guests will know they are physically in the venue. However, when everything is on and working, it will create a seamless, immersive illusion that feels as though they are completely encapsulated in it.”

An Asian cityscape at Nightscape Nashville

From colorful cityscapes to serene bamboo forests, Nightscape has the ability to offer an unlimited number of intriguing views.

While it may be somewhat difficult to envision without a first-hand view, Nightscape’s flagship venue is a sight to behold. It consists of two primary spaces — the entry lounge with a full bar and the main immersive space, where between 50 and 75 people can attend per session. If you’ve ever visited the old 12th & Porter location, don’t expect to recognize it. While choosing the site was intentional, Nightscape gives new life to the legendary music venue. “We felt this was a unique opportunity to keep the history and the soul of 12th & Porter alive while breathing an entirely new energy into the space,” says Mike. “It’s very exciting that people know where it is and what it is and its history. But now, we get to give it a new and invigorating future.”

And while that future may not include the traditional live performances once hosted by 12th & Porter, you can still expect music and sound to be an integral part of the concept. “We use audio and spatial audio inside the venue to create an extra immersion element,” Mike tells us. “We found that the projection and visuals are so important, but having that additional audio cue adds an incredible element of realism, taking the experience to the next level and reinforcing the narrative that you’re in a different reality.”

Additionally, Mike says the space’s lighting can be customized in different colors, patterns, and programs to enhance the illusion, and projection is also a significant component of the concept. “With projection and immersion, we will utilize the ceiling, the walls, and even parts of the dining tables to project upon and present one continuous visual,” says Mike. “Being inside the world brings together a metaverse aspect, where it will feel like the guest is transported into these environments instead of just seeing projected images on each wall.”

Nightscape’s ticketed events officially launch on Thursday, April 7, and tickets are currently on sale HERE.

Special thanks to Graham Benjamin for the Nightscape photos.


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