Nestled between Revelator Coffee and Double Dogs in Hillsboro Village, Native + Nomad stands as a representation of Nashville’s thriving fashion scene. This boutique, owned by Kentucky native and Belmont grad Kelly Connolly, is specialized for the Nashville community — for both the natives and the nomads. Kelly’s mission is to service all of the city’s demographics by offering local and national brands with timeless pieces that represent the merging of old and new Nashville, while simultaneously catering to trends.

Inside Native + Nomad

Native + Nomad opened its doors in April 2015 and has been growing and expanding ever since! Stop by to see their selection of men’s and women’s apparel and accessories.

Native + Nomad opened in April 2015 and has continued expanding its compilation of men’s and women’s apparel and accessories ever since. The inventory is pretty evenly split between local and national brands. The space provides a curated selection of Nashville brands including: Consider the Wldflwrs, Project 615, Sarah Richey, Heal and People Like Art. In looking for specialized brands, Kelly is privy to shopping the L.A. markets, and embraces the opportunity to showcase up-and-coming designers who are not typically found in the Southeast. Two standout West Coast brands that fill the shelves and racks of Native + Nomad are The ODells and Blaque Label. One thing each of these brands — both local and national — represents is quality. At Native + Nomad, you are likely to be shopping alongside college students, young professionals, mothers and anyone else who shares an affinity for style and is looking to take a step outside the box. Items range from $20 to $400, but each piece is a worthy investment.

Jewelry at Native + Nomad

Native + Nomad’s mission is to uphold Nashville’s “support local” standard.

Fun pieces at Native + Nomad

Fun, on-trend pieces and timeless staples can be found at this Hillsboro Village boutique.

Men's jeans at Native + Nomad

The men’s section is small, but mighty, and includes items from Brixton, Cotton Citizen, Naked and Famous, EZEKIE and Project 615.

Local jewelry

“As I was mentally planning my business, I was doing it in a way that matched with how Nashville was growing,” owner Kelly Connolly says of the store.

Kelly can be found inside the shop no less than four days a week and is willing to extend her personal styling expertise to anyone who stops by. Her experience comes from many years working as a stylist in the music industry and her time spent styling Rihanna on the road.

While she, like many others, made the move to Nashville to try her luck in the music industry, it has been a longtime dream to open her own store. She reflects on the road she took to get where she is today and shares that her business plan came about while she was in college. “I have always been mentally working on a business plan. I have been growing this, knowing that I wanted to be in Hillsboro Village. As I was mentally planning my business, I was doing it in a way that matched with how Nashville was growing. I feel that the store is such a good fit, because it is designed for where it is; I wanted something that was tailored to Nashville. As the city is growing, there is a need to reflect the people who live here — their wants, their desires and who they are.”

Native + Nomad exterior

Kelly cites the different opportunities that are giving Nashville the chance to be a fashion hub. Following suit of many brands, her long-term goal is to produce an in-house line.

The eclectic mix of shopping, dining and playing in Hillsboro Village is what initially attracted Kelly. She enjoys her neighbors (The Belcourt, BookmanBookWoman, Pangaea, Arcade and the great restaurants), and Native + Nomad feels at home here. Her team is looking to cater to Nashville and to you, the shopper. They want to be the best representation of the city. Kelly is thrilled to see the neighborhood, the city and the fashion industry experiencing such growth. The boutique will be seeing growth of its own in February with the launch of their online brand. Add Native + Nomad to your list of resources for the best in fashion in Nashville.

Native + Nomad is located at 1813 21st Ave. S. Hours are Monday through Wednesday,10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Thursday through Saturday. 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Sunday 12 to 5 p.m. Visit the website for more information. 

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